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Re: protect us!!

Posted by Crystal Bourbeau on December 2, 2001 at 17:36:20:

In Reply to: protect us!! posted by Biiftu Aba-jebel on December 1, 2001 at 00:10:41:

: In my oppinon The Government should always step in to protect the people. Why not when it comes to economic necessities.
: It creates all sorts of problems when the government does not step in. An example of this is the cigerette companies they have more power then should be aloud to one entity, both in the economic markets and the political world.
: People who are addicted to ciggerets almost have no free will; when buying the product. The government should take this product off the market not only because it is taking away peoples free will but because it is harmful for citizens in general to be buying these product.
: The pharmasutical companies are a diffrent story the Government should regulate on them because they aquired too much money and therfore too much power. It is not benificial for the Government (because the are to help and represent the people) if the people to lose their freedom of choice. AND THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH PHARMASUTICAL COMPANYS TODAY IS IT NOT? THEY GET TO DECIED IF THE POOR CLASS SHOULD LIVE OR DIE. I welcome any comments on my thoughts.
: -Biiftu

I should be able to buy cigarettes if I choose to and the government should not be telling me, as a clearly thinking individual what I should or should not be doing. Alcohol can cause severe health problems, but a government should not be telling me that I cannot drink liquor or wine. What type of government are you creating if they have the ultimate control over the marketplace? How much of it would be about the people's best interest? Control, regulations, teaching, publicizing the truth about products... yes but we live in a free country.




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