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Roger and Me and anti-capitalists

Posted by Skye Woodrum on December 10, 2000 at 17:52:10:

Michael Moore made money making the film "Roger and Me"- he has a TV show, called "TV Nation" in which he picks on large companies for basically being capitalistic in nature. He's since made another movie too. "Roger and Me" has always bothered me as it draws on our emotions, not our logical thinking. Is it not sad to see someone lose their job, when that is the bread and butter for them and their family? We must must look beyond the initial emotion, and look for the reasons why this situation exists.

Flint, Michigan is not the ony town to have one company employ a large percentage of their population and then suddenly go poof! Overseas, downsizing, re-structuring- whatever you'd like to call it, it comes down to profit-maximization.

Michael Moore often mention "The American Dream" he was raised to believe in; as if in some way this was promised to him. No one deserves anything for nothing. I'm sure it was hard to watch his home town go through this; however, what about him? He left Flint. He didn't go to work for GM and he is a wealthy film producer with a TV series. He even has books published about the evils of capitalism.

We have a few fundamental problems with this representation. Most obvious is, our messenger, Michael Moore, who tells us how evil coorporations are, and how GM caused this to happen to these people- Michael Moore is maximizing his own profit by delivering this message. Somewhere, buried deep in our subconciouses, most of us were taught it's "bad" or "evil" to be selfish. If GM, or Roger, could be honest and just say "Yes, I opened up new plants where I pay less money for the same work, and I don't have to deal with your union monopoly on labor, and I make more money than I did before, and I'm damn proud of it"- without that being seen as inherently evil, perhaps we wouldn't have such hypocrites such as Michael Moore running around and capitalizing on being an anti-capitalist.

People should be rewarded for their talents, abilities and achievements- not their suffering, complaining, and incompetence. As long as we allow the incompetent to complain about what they're jealous that they can't or won't do themselves, and allow our intelligent, hard-working capitalists to feel guilty, we will have this problem. No one should be made to feel guilty for succeeding.




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