Rose Johnson looked out the window at the lovely blue sky. The weather was lovely and four birds were out. Two were baby birds. A red and white mother bird was making a nest of wood.1 Rose ran over to her bed and pulled off her silk covers. She put the covers in the nest. She opened the door and left. Her aunt was in the hall. "Aunt Lucy good day", said Rose. "Your late for school. You have to walk, the bus was here at 8:00 am", said Aunt Lucy. Just then Mrs. Johnson walked in from the kitchen. "You got a letter from Jady", said Mrs. Johnson. Rose ran back to the hall. A letter was on the table. It said:

"Dear Rose, I'm very ill but I had time to make this letter. A girl named Alice wants to meet you. I love you." "Well, I must go to school", said Rose. It was not a long walk to Annway school. Mrs. Lee said that if Annway school had not been sold it could have done well. Sabrina Macintosh was at the door. "Can any one fix my dad's car, it broke down", said Sabrina. "Sorry no I can't, ask Mary or Rose." "Mary's dad may fix your dad's car", said the girl next to her. "Get back here with my $4 you horrible men", said a boy from the back of the school. Rose ran to the back. A red haired boy looked at her. Then she saw two men running. "What's going on", said Rose. "My name is Iswell, call me Izzy. It's my nickname. Those men have stole $4 from me", said the boy. "Lets follow them. The old wise man said that.", said Rose. Iswell got out some jellybeans. Rose carefully got out her play gold coin. Rose ran under a bush. Iswell put the coin on a fat tree and got under the bush. "Do go and find out who the men are", said Iswell. Jest then one of the men walked out of the trees. He was wet and his hair was long. John, get over here", said the man. "Mines, what's the matter", said the one named John. John's real name was Johnny. Rose left Iswell from under the bush. The men did not notice her.

Later Rose was happy to see Jady laying on her bed. "Mattingson called you. His older brother Areten is sick. He has Bylin Sickness. He hopes he'll be better on his wedding day", said Jady. "He is a singer, but I can say Areten is not going to sing", said Rose. "Mattingson want's you to see Areten, said Jady. Just then, Jo jumped in, "Let's go shopping with Anna and Lee Brown", said Jo. "Lovely", said Rose. The clothes store they walked to was called Maaya. "How about that dress", said Lee. Rose left with the dress to find a fitting room. "It's too small", said Rose. Rose left the fitting room to look at the suits. She looked at a black suit but was disinterested. She went looking for a sale person to help her. "Can you show me where the girl's jewelry is", said Rose. "Right over here", said a young, light brown haired sale's man. Rose looked at a necklace. Jest then she saw Iswell. "Iswell"!, said Rose. "Rose"!, said Iswell. Iswell ran over to her. "Rose I saw the men who took my money in a hotel . Vrtney Jane a friend of mine said the men were talking she heard the words Nanny Cooper and haunted camp", said Iswell. "Iswell if you have time let's go to Vrtney's house, said Rose. Before Iswell could answer Jo came running. "Oh Rose there is the most beautiful night gown on sale!", said Jo. "Sister I'm coming," said Rose. Rose followed Jo. "It's a beauty isn't it", said Lee. Rose looked at the sea blue night gown. "Try it on", said Anna. "I can choose my own clothes", said Rose. "But Rose", said Jo. "You got me what's the price", said Rose. "5 99", said Lee. Rose left to find a fitting room. When Rose returned she put the gown in the cart. "I'm going to buy tan suits for Lee his suits are ugly", said Anna. Lee gave her a dark look. "Boys don't care what they look like", said Lee. "Boys", said Anna. Jo picked up a brown silk skirt. Lee went to find a fitting room . He returned and put a tan suit back. "I look ridiculous in shoulder pad", said Lee. They left and the Browns departed. Hadley Galt reddish haired walked up to Rose as she was crossing the parking lot. "I was on the way to your house", said Hadley. "Is every thing all right", said Rose. "Yes I just wanted to go to the movies with you", said Hadley. "I'm a little bit tired", said Rose. Hadley left in his jeep. Rose returned home with Jo. "Rose put on your new Gown", said Jo. The two girls went in the kitchen. A boy lay on the table. "This is Chen Ming", said Mrs. Johnson. "Your crying ,"said Rose. " Ni hao ,"said Chen. "What was he saying ,"asked Rose. "He does not know English he said hello", said Mrs. Johnson. Rose left to find a haunted camp in her car. " Dora Kound", said a girl's voice from behind Rose. Rose turned. A black haired little girl looked at her. "Why Sanya Turner", said Rose. "I'm lost a girl called Dora Kound Nanny Cooper kidnapped me and locked me up in a old cut tent but I got away", said Sanya. "I'll bring you home hon ," said Rose who adored children. A boy walked over. He was Karl Nennyh. He was in pre school from Connecticut. "Rosy my birthday is on church day," said Karl. "When I come home from church I'll go to your house", said Rose. "Rosy can you drive me and Shbertcarleana Kerlean Home", asked Karl. "I'll drive you and your friend home," said Rose. A girl stepped in the car. "I want a chocolate Santa!!," cried Shbertcarleana. Rose gave poor Shbertcarleana a bit of lemon drop. "That's good better then having strawberry cup cakes every time you cry," said Shbertcarleana. Rose returned every one home and Mrs. Turner said Rose should stay for dinner. "No I'll go home for dinner," said Rose. Rose left. Her mother was making jikey fruit pie and burnt top radishes. The phone rang. Rose picked it up. " Rose Johnson I warn you stay home or you'll be in real danger", said a man's voice. "Who is this", asked Rose. The caller had hang up. The next day a letter addressed to Rose was sitting on the door step. There was nothing on the envelope. Rose read the inside. It said Rose Johnson didn't you dare try to find a haunted camp or you'll have a very bad day. Soon Rose got a box of letters. One said watch your step and a old looking one said get lost kid. The letter she hated said you get married to some new state man. "Rose he told you to leave Oregon it's self," said Jo. " Sunday he told me to pick up", said Rose. "Rose there's a letter for you", said Mrs. Johnson from the hall. The letter said kiss your house good-bye. "You better stop trying to find the haunted camp," said Jo. "I'm never giving up," said Rose. By the next month Rose had fifty letters. "I'll look for finger prints", said Rose. Inside one letter was part of the word ward hotel. She phoned them. "Sorry but Johnny Tin and his bother Mines Tin just left", said the girl. " Tell me about them," ordered Rose. 2 The old rope swing house " I don't know any thing about them," said the girl. Rose hang up and left. She was half way to the living room when she heard a sound from her bed room. She ran to the bed room. Her letter box and Iswell's phone number was gone. Gas weapon and a note lay on Rose's bed. She read the note. Your first lesson is at midnight. That night a light came from the window. A door closed and the light could be seen no more. The next day Anna and Lee Brown came. Jo made Rose put on her new sea blue gown and roses. "And a sea blue bonnet, a red ribbon for your hair and . "Jo I'm not a doll", cut in Rose. She left. "Good morning ladies" , said Lee. " We had a crazy time darlings", said Anna. "What happened?", asked Rose. "We got lost in the woods Lee found a old house with a swing on it for climbing", said Anna. "It sounds like a good place for a hide out", said Rose. "There was a sign saying Sara wassy on the door", said Lee. "Maybe Sara is a friend of Johnny", said Rose. "Could be", said Lee. " Let's go to the ho use", said Rose. Lee and Anna got in the red car with Rose. "Add me four are better then three", said Jo. Just then Terry Fisher men, Manda diamond and Manda's sister's friend Vanya acora appeared. "Don't tell me Terry Mrs. Hunter scolded you dear," said Vanya. The teenager put both hands on terry's shoulder. "Oh Vanya she beat me and called me a cow", said Terry. "Terry

!", called Rose. 3 Terry's lost !!! Terry turned. Terry was 12. Manda was 8 and Vanya was 15. "Rosy Johnson", said Terry. "Would you like to help me find a house and a haunted camp," asked Rose. "If it's all right with baby sitter", said Manda. "It's all right sweetie blossoms", said Vanya. Terry jumped up and down. They got in Rose's car. "This might be dangerous let's leave at once," said Manda. "Don't be silly Mandy", said Terry. "My name's Manda and I'm not being silly", said Manda madly. "Yes you are", said Terry. Jo gave Manda a cookie to make her feel better. They finally were out of the car. Manda looked around. "I don't like it !", cried Manda suddenly. "Scaredy cat," said Terry. Rose went with the browns in the dark woods. "There it is", said the motherless fatherless couple. Rose saw a old brown house. "There is no one here", said Rose. Just then Vanya and Manda ran over. "Terry he's missing my baby's missing!!," cried Vanya. 4 Rose's day as a teacher Rose fait evil to leave poor Terry in the wood. "I'll never talk to you again", said Vanya. Manda said she and old Jack would stop at her house. The next day Rose went to teach for Mr. Eve ins. There were ten girls in the school named Gala Over rose, Rela Tightner, Yorky Vannington, Dora Yourbeie, Sela Nannerberry, Unnyton Carry, Jessica Barber, Sabrina Mac intosh, Caroline neyinson and Anna Brown. A boy named Charles Runningerson bent over his table. "Charles no", cried Dora. Rose grabbed Dora's hand. 5 The hi dden tree story "Let him go he'll pay $ 56 for all this", said Rose. "More", said pale Dora. "How much more", asked Rose. Dora burst in to tears. "Oh father please don't put me in jail", prayed Dora. "Why would father put you in jail", asked Rose. "I am Dora Kound Nanny Cooper", said Dora. "I've heard about you", said Rose. Rose pulled Dora away. "Oh Farme do he and James are never going to forgive me", said Dora. "Who are James and Farme", asked Rose. "They are barbers at Miss. Lily Lilac's hair salon", said Dora. "Drive me there", ordered Rose. Dora got in the car with Rose. When they enter her office the pretty lady jumped. "My angels", said Lily. "Lily do you have anyone named James or Farme working for you", asked Rose. "Bless my child I'll look", said Lily. Lily take out a list. "Yes dear James was the best of barbers his partner was Farmy Lee Annson his sister Anno Carter was a doctor and well when my little Doc goes to school I sit and read the list," said Lily. "Lily Hawkinson Coaty want's to talk to you", said a girl named Belle Green. "Belle tell cook I want 4 plates of the finest food carried up here", said Lily. "Oh Lily I'll do my best", said Belle. She left the room. Hawkinson walked in. " Sit down please sir", said Lily. "Shut up your niece has just died in a car crash she'll be gone by midnight", said Mr.Coaty. "Dear me poor Isabella, poor Henry and poor Louis not having dear Henrietta not having anywhere to stay how sad," said Lily. Belle had returned with a tray of gum, fried veggie rice and wine. Rose put some gum in her pocket for Sanya. "Hawkinson sir is Violet and Iswell going to visit me", asked Lily. "My wife Ashley is going to meet Jordan waxy and his sons Hossa, Goldy and Ron", said Mr.Coaty. Just then Belle walked in. "Joe Johnford want's to talk to you", said Belle. "Please leave girls please leave Hawky", said Lily. Mr.Coaty left the room Rose and Dora behind him. The cool night ai r waved in the tall trees. Rose asked if Dora had ever seen a nut stone tree. "The tree were Jazzo hid his family tree was a --- Dora stopped. "Keep on going Dora", said Rose. "A man named Zide Lidy Jazzo made a family tree his oldest child name was Angela Jazzo Coaty but she turned Angela to Ashley her husband is Hawkinson she put the tree in a tree a nut stone Iswell's her cousin", said Dora. Rose asked if the tree had been hidden. "Yes it's very hidden", said Dora. Rose went home. The next day two little girls panting walked up to the door. "We are lost can you help my name's Piggy Pan this is my twin sister Patty Pan", said Piggy. "Charlotte", called Patty. A pony white and tan ran over. "This is Charlotte our pony", said Patty. "Patty dear don't be so cross", said Piggy. "Little ones you can stay", said Rose. Patty gave rose a rug bag. "Charlotte's a real good girl and if you have no sable she'll stay in the shed", said Patty. "Were can Mary stay?", asked Piggy. " dolls are for babies", said Patty. "But Mary's not a doll she's a little girl and I'm her mother", sobbed Piggy. Rose let them in. Piggy ate cranberries and Patty sat down. "P dears is your mother's brother Zide Jazzo?", asked Rose hopefully. "How did you learn about uncle Zide?", asked 12 year old Patty. Rose smiled. "Have you over heard of Hawkinson?", asked Rose. "Yes our school enemy Jane Ronald walker tells us all about how Hawkinson brags on about money", said Patty angrily. "Jane is nuts about beauty one day she got in trouble for putting on makeup in the girl's bathroom", said Patty. "I'm a ma to dear little Maria and you can be the nanny Patty threw away her little Etta if you like you can have darling Etta", said Piggy. "That would be very sweet", said Rose. Piggy gave Rose a rug doll. "She's a dream", said Rose. Rose left the kitchen. Later Hadley Galt visited. "Oh Rose my cousins Ted and Sheila are visiting I want you to meet them", said Hadley. "I'd love to", said Rose. "May we go to", said Patty seeing the dreamy look in Piggy's pale blue eyes. "Yes and Maria can go too", said Rose. 6 Rose's bravery They went to Hadley's house. Sheila was a skinny blond girl with Pig tails. "Miss. Johnson I've been dying to meet you", said Sheila. Hannah the maid took Rose in to the dinning room. 29 couples were dancing. "Rose darling let's dance", said Hadley. A long haired boy greeted them. "I'm Ted William", said Ted. "Ted this is my Baby", said Hadley. "Shut up", said Ted. Ted ran off. "His very rude", said Hadley. "Are they in love?", asked Piggy. "No Piggy there just talking", said Patty. A girl named Pansy J Alex and her boy friend Oscar Lee Freed walked over . "This is my dad's secretary's daughter Pansy J Alex and Oscar's dad is my language teacher", said Hadley. "Hadley is this Miss. Johnson?", asked Pansy. "Yes Pansy meet Rose Johnson", said Hadley. Just then Sheila reported some one wanted her and would see her in the basement. "I'll go Sheila", said Rose. Rose left. As she stepped in the basement a oil lamp fell on her. She ran and met Piggy, Patty, Hadley, Sheila, Oscar and Pansy at the door. "What happened?", asked Hadley. "Did you meet a troll?", asked Piggy. "Piggy trolls are not alive", said Patty. "Yes they are Marl Dean told me", said Piggy growing red with rage. "But Piggy have you seen a troll?", asked Patty. "Scram you selfish cow!", screamed Piggy. Patty ran off crying. "I wish I hadn't been born", cried Piggy. "But Pig dear did you mean to make her sad?", asked Sheila. "No I never ever made her sad," said Piggy. "Why don't you apologize?", suggested Pansy. "I'll try that", said Piggy. They left the basement and went in the gardens. Hadley's girl guard Glada Glory and her sister Heather were on a old wooden chair a younger girl with them. "This is Ann Kilburn," said Glada. "My dear girls what are you looking for?", asked Hadley. "Ted was wandering in the rose garden when I greeted him he took the silver tray that tells what the password is cook gave me he ran north from us he was running in moonlight so I saw his hard cold smile stare at me the password's is oh my lord the gods and goddesses are in me and my cold love melts my heart is broken in two may my love spread to my wife , to my children from the time of Adam and Eve", said Heather. "Well when I and Oscar get married I'll make a new one", said Pansy. "Are you getting married?", asked Rose. "Yes mum is lending me her nice silk white wedding dress," said Pansy. "Will there be lovely mermaids and ponies?", asked Piggy. "No but Myroll Jones is rich she'll remind you of a queen", said Pansy. Rose pointed to a girl walking in the rose garden. "That's Patty", said rose. Piggy ran off with Sheila. "Patty oh Pat dear I'm sorry I called you a cow please forgive me", begged Piggy. "I forgive you Piggy", said Patty. Rose went home early with Piggy and patty. Mrs. Johnson had made cookies. "Piggy have you ever heard of a old tree with a family tree in it?", asked Rose. Patty dropped the milk bottle she was carrying. "Nasty Jane she's told you our top proud aunt Sanderson gave uncle a berry tree the family tree's inside", said Patty. "Oh but trolls and goblin could have taken it's not in the tree anymore", added Piggy. "Piggy and Patty would you like to go on a hunt in the woods with me?", asked Rose. "Yes Marl, Jane and Sharifa can go too", said Patty. "Who is Sharifa?", said asked Rose. "A friend of Patty", said Piggy. Rose phoned the girls. When they come Rose told them to follow her. They got in the car and picked up Sanya, Manda, Sheila, Hadley, Pansy, Oscar, Vanya, Anna Brown and Lee. The woods looked very dark. They got out of the car. "Is anyone hungry?", asked Oscar. "Yes Piggy and me will take grilled cheese toast", said Patty. "I have chips and some cream dip", said Osc ar. "Oh OK", said Piggy. Rose, Sheila and Manda left to the old swing house. "What if Terry's inside?", asked Sheila. "I have a plan for that", said Rose. "What's your plan?", asked Manda. "Will break in the house then search for any signs of human life if you see danger threw something at me we can climb up the by the rope swing", said Rose. They climbed the old house. When they stepped in the house. There was a table with two cups of tea on top of it. Rose left and went in the kitchen. Just then Manda ran in the room. "Two men are coming Rose hide", said Manda. Rose got under the table. Four men walked in tied up was Terry. There names were Johnny, Mines, James and Ken. There were two girls following Jenny and Carol. "Jena will get Peter and Jeana and knock Miss. Johnson off the business for ever Incora can make the Johnson family move as fast as lightening", said Mines to his fiancé. "Mineison Incora reported a car is near with people in it", said Jenny. "Is our doggy fed?", asked Mines. "Yes Jet ate too much", said Carol. "Good have her kill everyone of them", said Mines. "NO", screamed Manda. Rose got from under the table. Manda ran to the parlor with Rose. Rose heard the sound of guns. She turned and ran to fight them off. She saw them trying to shoot Sheila. Rose grabbed Mine's shirt and pulled him down. Then she knocked each one till they fainted. "You saved my life now let's get out of here", said Sheila. "Rose I saw a boy walking up the lawn", said Manda walking out of the parlor. "He must be Peter", said Rose. "Who's Peter?", asked Sheila. "I don't really know", said Rose. Just then a boy ran up to them panting. He was dark haired and very thin. "Help, help ", he muttered weakly. The boy fell to the floor. "My holy my holy", said Sheila. Rose turned the boy over. He was Terry Fishermen. "He's cut really badly and he's been whipped ten times he's been eating badly ", said Rose. "Dear Rose is Terry alive?", said Manda. "Half alive half dead", said t he a unseen boy. "RUN," screamed Rose getting to her feet. "I'm Martin Marjust", said Martin. A growl told Rose a dog was near Martin. "Want do you want?", howled Rose. "Want I is to put you in jail", said Martin meanly. "Try and harm me", said Rose. Rose tried to ram into Martin but the girls grabbed her. "Crab Marlin kill the girls!", screamed Martin. Two girls ran over carrying clubs. A full grown female dog jumped on Rose. "Jet sit," order Rose. But Jet bit. "Jetty sit", said Rose helpless. She could a wail of pain. 7 June K Junery Rose was sick in the cellar( She missed the hugs the P twins gave her). The Book of Dean's Quiz was tiring and boring now she knew it by heart. One day she found a trunk of books. One called Body, Skin And Hair Colors showed a girl sobbing with joy. The one she liked was The Teenager's Prepare For School Book. "If only I could breakout of this mess", said Rose to herself. The door opened. Jenny entered with a tray of eggs and old bread and water. "Stop reading", snapped Jenny. "Why?", asked Rose. "Silly girl Bessie's got the boiling water done and you'll be poisoned when Robert gets Venaica I'll cup the Poison", said Jenny. "You don't mean to poison me do you?", asked Rose. "Of all gods I do", said Jenny. Mines entered the room. "Good day my prisoner", said Mines. "Good day dear", said Jenny. Back at the Johnson's Mrs. Johnson was weeping. "Ellen Carol and Don will find Rose", said Mr. Johnson. "But Karl she's been missing for five days now and this is her birthday", said Mrs. Johnson. "Mr. Jeffrey vice president of Markyson Pete bank is going to help," said Mr. Johnson. Just then two frosting covered girls entered. "I put on the ice cream", said Patty. "And I put on the cookies", said Piggy. "But Piggy ate two", added Patty. "Patty ate a spoonful of icing", said Piggy giving Patty a dangerous look. "Very good lets find some gifts", said Mrs. Johnson. They put on coats, hats and boots. In Deanerson's jewelry shop Mrs. Johnson saw a old friend. She ran over. Her friend's name was June K Junery. 8 Rose "Long time no see," said Mrs. Junery. "Oh June how are you and your son Dane", said Mrs. Johnson. 6 year old Dane looked around for the person who had said his name. "Yes he's doing good and I'm doing good but Alfred is not so good Richard our lawyer reported we're being sued by Allen Carter", said Mrs. Junery. Meanwhile Mr. Johnson was at a meeting. Mr. Allen Galt, Mrs. Dorothy Whale, Mrs. Holly Jeffrey, Mr. And Miss. Brown who were in law school and Miss. Jill Mattison were there. "Holly I vote we have a vote who should be president of our new bank", said Lee Brown. Only his sister Anna Brown didn't agree. Mrs. Johnson had walked back home with Piggy and patty. "I got balloons", said Piggy. "And I got a huge bag of games", said Patty. "Girls what's in that extra bag?", asked Mrs. Johnson. "Banners, birthday signs, wine glasses, Party plates, welcome signs, paper hats and some wood thingies", said Patty. "My angels you've got a lot of goodies", said Mrs. Johnson. Jo jumped down the steps. "Mom why hi", said Jo. "Piggy what are the wood thingies?", asked Mrs. Johnson "We can't tell you", said Patty. "But can we have a hammer and nails?," asked Piggy sweetly. "You can", said Mrs. Johnson. Piggy and Patty nailed two parts of old wood to a nut tree. Patty made a room out of the most rotten wood. Piggy put on a top and Patty made a hole. They both went inside. When it was 5:30 they sat down to rest. Just then Mrs. Johnson screamed. Piggy and patty ran. Piggy crammed herself in the kitchen door and Patty Jumped in the window. Jo was beating on the dinning room door. Mrs. Johnson ran out of the room holding a girl. "Who is it mom?", asked Jo. "Rose", said Mrs. Johnson. Rose pulled her hand free. "Jo oh my little--- Rose could not say more. A tear fell on her worn old yellow dress. Piggy and Patty jumped at rose and gave her a big loving hug. Jo fixed a mug of milkshake for her. "Happy birthday", said a unseen person. Anna and Lee walked inside. "Friends", said Rose. "Rose were more then delighted to see you," said Anna. 9 The flood Jo turned on the water. Just then Dr. Manny phoned. Jo left the room. So did Mrs. Johnson. Rose heard a loud banging noise behind her. The sink pumps had burst!. "Help!!!", screamed Piggy and Patty. "Dears", said Rose. She looked around. The kitchen was flooding. "Get ropes Anna the floor's caving in!", cried Lee pulling himself out of a water pit. Rose put a hand on the alarm. A loud noise sounded. "That's our fire alarm", said Rose. In one minute Sabrina and Grace Macintosh ran to the open door. "Rats", muttered Sabrina. Grace picked up a bucket of dirt and threw it at Rose. Rose ducked and Grace missed. Then Sabrina pulled out a arrow and almost killed Rose. Susan Carmiller Sabrina's best friend grabbed Rose and bent her arm painfully. "My mother's a nurse", said Susan evilly. "Let go of me", said Rose. "Hon Mary's father will deal with you", said Susan. "I SAId LET ME GO!!!", bellowed Rose. Mrs. Johnson and Jo ran in to the kitchen. "My, my Mrs. Johnson you r dress is most lovely today", said Sabrina. Mrs. Johnson turned red and looked down at her blue golden trimmed dress. Jo got rid of the water. Mrs. Johnson made some tea and cut some tea cake. "Would you guys stay?", Jo asked the Browns and Macintoshes and Susan. " We will stay", said the Browns. "Susan and us have to go shopping", said the Macintoshes. Susan put a pancake sandwich on a empty plate and sat down. "Sue your not staying are you?", asked Grace in surprise. "I'm staying", said Susan. "Fine with me and Grace", said Sabrina loudly so everyone could hear her. "I'll stay for dinner", added Grace. "Very nice", said Mrs. Johnson. Piggy and Patty ran over. "Oh Rose I'm so wet and cold", whined Piggy. "I'll lend you my white overall dress and a clean tan baby's coat", said Rose. "Your the best", said Piggy smiling. "What am I putting on?", asked Patty 10 Lee's dream girl Rose said old work jeans and a blue towel fitted her. Rose and the Browns agreed to go shopping. They went to Maaya. A girl at the door turned. "Vous savez ou est Keene?", asked the girl. "Who are you?", asked Lee. The girl shared at him. She left. "She's French", said Anna. "Oh she was very beautiful I wish she had fallen in love with me", said Lee. "Lee", said Rose. "She is very lovely but- . "She's the girl of my dreams", cut in Lee. "I do have a slip of paper bearing her name", said Anna. "What is her name?", asked Lee politely. "Rosemary Summers", said Anna. "Her name is almost as pretty as her", said Lee. Rosemary had strawberry blond hair and pinkish pale skin. "I'm going to phone her", said Lee. "But Lee she's French she won't understand you", said Anna. "I'll use a French book", said Lee. Anna pulled out Rebecca's Book Of French. "Hello is Bonjour in French", said Anna. Lee shared at the word pere. When Anna closed the Book Lee took it. "I sh ill say she's beautiful but she's not very easy to understand", said Lee. They went inside. A saleswoman told Rose, Anna and Lee the children's clothes was in the back. They went there. Sanya Turner was pulling down a white dress for sizes 6-7 kid's. Sheila and Manda had been found. Manda was putting on a black dress and black girl's dressing shoes. Lee ran off to get some flowers for his crush. "Sanya have you seen a girl with pale pink skin and strawberry blond hair?", asked Rose. "Yes her name is Rosemary Summers I saw her profile it said in golden letters Rosemary Alburn Summers and she was had a model in her pocket it said for the best horse bareback riding in the world", said Sanya jealously. "Sanya did she have company?", asked Rose hoping the word no would be said. "Yes a boy in a gray suit was following her he was very handsome had dark red hair and chestnut colored shoes she acted like he was her boyfriend his name is Nike Jones a girl was with them she's Keene Danny she ran off without Rosemary and Nike seeing", said Sanya event more jealously. "Did anyone ask you about her?", asked Rose. "You and a girl named Sandre Honey", said Sanya. 11 Lee's a lawyer !!! "I just forgot Anna's getting married tonight", said Lee when they were in the car. "Your kidding", said Rose half anger half happy. "Oh I'm sorry I forgot to tell you I was getting married", said Anna. "Who's your new guy?", asked Rose. "Fred Joe Alson", said Anna. "So your Mrs. Alson are you", said Rose. "Almost", said Anna. "And I'm going to have a law test and it's my last one", added Lee proudly. "That's wonderful we should have grand party", said Rose smiling. "I'll make rolls and spicy pies", said Anna. At 6:00 Anna and Lee knocked on the door Anna had dinner pies and a gifts. Lee was holding Fritters and cheese. Rose had put up banners and balloons. Patty was trying to take a nut from a bowl of peanuts. Piggy was helping herself to rose water tea. Rose eat very fast. "Rose don't eat so fast", said Mrs. Johnson picking up her fork. "Sormy", said Rose eating a bowl of corn pancakes. Patty gave her noodles a face. "I hate noodles", she said throwing her head up in the air. "But sister put some dip on and- "I do not like noodles!!", screamed Patty. She ran out into the garden. Piggy went outside. Anna pulled her purse toward her. Just then Piggy screamed and everyone ran outside. Piggy pointed to the room they had made. Rose and the Browns ran to the room. Inside was seats and lights. A beautiful girl in golden trimmed robes ran out from behind the drapes of satin. "Wow is that Piggy or Patty?", asked Lee. The girl sobbed. Laying on some blue satin was Piggy. Piggy had part of a necklace on her and ruby earrings. "Oh my dear sister good bye forever", said Patty. Mrs. Johnson ran out of the room behind the drapes of satin. She had on a pink dress and green shoes. Mrs. Johnson was playing a mermaid. Patty walked slowly in the room behind the drapes . Mrs. Johnson fell down some paper roofs trying to get to a window. Patty returned. She was on Charlotte. She had on a jacket and jeans and her brownish blond hair was in a bun. Charlotte was very clean. A ribbon and green bow had been put on her tail. Patty pulled Mrs. Johnson up and kissed her. Mrs. Johnson woke up and the play was over. Lee began to cheer and throw money. "Cool play that is", said Lee getting out of his seat. "Super", said Anna. Rose went inside to open a bottle of wine. Rose dressed in paper hat. Mrs. Johnson left. "Piggy Patty you have made this party wonderful", said Rose. Just then Mrs. Johnson returned with the ice cream chocolate and cream cake. "Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Rose happy birthday to you!", cheered everyone but Rose. "Mom there's 17 candles on the cake", said Rose. "Your 17 this year honey", said Mrs. Johnson. The door opened. "Dad!!", cried Rose. Mr. Johnson entered the dinning room. "And is it not the birthday girl!", said Mr. Johnson smiling. "Dad I'm 17 today", said Rose happily. "I'm happy you like being 17", said Mr. Johnson. When cake was eaten Rose opened her 6 presents. Present number 6 was collage. Mr. Johnson had found a collage nearby for her. The collage was called Elm Pine Collage for only Girls and Boys under 23. "Oh dad your the nicest person I've ever met!", said Rose. Piggy asked if anyone wanted to play with her. "I'm going to a wedding", said Rose pulling on white lace gloves. "How nice", said Piggy. "No you were invited to the Oscar and Pansy are having", said Rose. "Oh OK", said Piggy. Rose got in a taxi with Lee and Anna. Lee and Anna told the driver to stop. When they got back in Anna had on a wedding dress and ruby slippers. Lee looked at his tan suit. "Rose would you join our honeymoon?", asked Anna pulling up her veil. "I don't know", said Rose. The cab stopped. They jumped out. A young handsome boy grabbed Anna's hand. "Rose this is Fred Joe Alson Fred this is Rose Cutter Johnson", said Anna . "Greetings Rose", said Fred looking her up and down. Rose hated him at once. "Hello", she said coldly. "My dear girl are you cold?", asked Fred. "It is a bit chilly", agreed Anna. Lee and Rose followed them inside. When the wedding was over Anna and Fred got in there cab. When they were gone Rose went home and slept. The next day Rose went to the Brown's. Lee was jumpy when he opened the door for Rose. "Rose I'm a lawyer I passed the test!!", cried Lee in delight. 12 Lee falls in love Rose stand there as s till as stone. "Oh that's wonderful news", said Rose. "Yes", said Lee. Rose smiled at him. "Dad and mom would have been proud if they could have only lived up to it but they died", said Lee sadly. "That's too bad", said Rose. "My poor dear - she died when I was- He broke down again. "Lee have you ever seen your mother?", asked Rose. "Yes follow me", said Lee. He lead her into the living room. "Sit", order Lee. She sat down. "Cranberry juice?", asked Lee. "Fine with me", said Rose eying the blood red berry juice. "Lee has your sister called?", asked Rose. "Yes", said Lee. "Whitney phones too", said Rose. "Who's Whitney?", asked Lee. "Jo's real name we call her by her middle name", said Rose. "Rose will you not tell anyone?", asked Lee. "What?", asked Rose. "Here it goes Rose I met Rosemary and I fall in love I kissed her and she told me not to worry for she's studying English", said Lee. "Lee you hardly know her", said Rose. "Sorry but she was more nicer then I ever knew a girl could be", said Lee. "Lee Anna's going to be mad when she finds out", said Rose. "Please Rose ," said Lee. "But Lee your sister can help you", said Rose. "Rose Rosemary's a swell girl and she likes me so I can't upset her", said Lee hopelessly. "Lee she's just a girl", said Rose lazily. "How dare you!!", screamed Lee angrily standing up. "Lee she's ruining your mind", said Rose standing up too. Lee pushed Rose outside and slammed the door in her face. The next day Rose went to Brown's to help Lee. Lee opened the door. "Oh", said Lee. "Lee sorry I shouldn't have said that", apologized Rose. "I forgive you", said Lee. "Good", said Rose. Lee lead Rose to the living room. The TV was on. The girl Rosemary was siting on a blue floral sofa. "Rose this is Mary Summers Mary this is Rose Johnson", said Lee. "Please Roey call me Mary", said Rosemary politely. "I would love to", said Rose sitting down. Rose left. When she got home Helena or Helen May Jo's girlfriend was there. "Rose Jo why don't you g o for a walk with me ?", asked Helen. "I'll go", said Rose. "I'll go too", said Jo. "Good", said Helen. Rose wondered if her mystery would end soon. Just then Rose saw the mailman and hurried out of the house. She had got a letter from Lee. It said Dear Rose I have been very little help on the mystery but today I and Rosemary went hunting in the woods and I went to the old swing house we've found a hidden basement love Lee and Mary. Rose undressed when she was in her room. She put on pants, a blue torn shirt and sandals. Jo stared at her when she had returned to the kitchen. "Where are you going?", asked a lovely dressed Patty. Piggy ran in the kitchen in a pink gold trimmed dress. "Rose please go to Pansy's and Oscar's wedding", said Piggy putting on her white lime colored trimmed gloves. "No Piggy I won't be there", said Rose. "Please", said Piggy sadly. "Rose sorry but this little brat has not been very well lately she did not know be-. "Jo I'd have been more careful if I was you", said Rose dangerously. Jo understand her. " Piggy I'm sorry a called you a little brat but you could do with a haircut", said Jo looking Piggy up and down. Rose knew Jo was not really sorry but Piggy's hair was wild. "Patty are you busy ," asked Rose. "No why", said Patty pulling on her dress up hat. "I'll tell you on the deck", said Rose. Rose lead the way out on the deck. Rose sat on the bench swing. "Patty will you be brave for me", said Rose. "I don't know", muttered Patty impatiently. "Well Patty will you go and stay for a day in the woods?", said Rose. Patty turned as red as blood. "Patty please", said Rose. Patty looked as if she was trying to fight off pain. She opened her mouth to speak but closed it. "If you like Patty you can not go with me", said Rose. Patty sobbed. Rose left and returned with a bottle of soda. 13 Spies "Here Patty here", said Rose handing her the bottle of strawberry golden cream soda. Rose opened her bottle of apple sugar pine beer. "Patty I know getting lost isn't happy but don't cry about it", said Rose. "That's not why I'm crying", said Patty looking into Rose's kind and beautiful face. "Then what makes you cry so my dear", said Rose kindly. "I can't tell you master and his wife do not wish us to tell unless he feels our keys should be broken and-Patty stopped. "Master and his wife will not like me telling on them", added Patty. "Patty tell me who is master?", asked Rose. "Master will hate us if we tell", said Patty putting her bottle down on her lap. "But who's this master and what are the keys for?", asked Rose putting down her bottle too. "If you don't tell master I'll tell you who master is and what we do for him", said Patty shill unsure. "I will not say a word", said Rose putting her bottle on the table. "Master is a murderer and we are his little spies", said Patty. "Oh my", said Rose sweetly jumping. "Yes he sent us to spy on you", said Patty. Rose grabbed her beer and dropped it. "I know", said Patty sadly. Rose grabbed a sugar cookie off the table and ate it. "Have one", offered Rose picking one up. " No", said Patty. "It'll make you better", said Rose. "No Rose", said Patty. Piggy stepped on the deck. "Patty you'll be late for the wedding", said Piggy pulling her own sleek blond new curls. "Piggy Patty I want to question you", said Rose. "Patty now what do you have up your sleeve", said Piggy taking off her purple fur fluff shawl. "Nothing", said Patty. "Piggy would you kindly go to the wedding with me and Patty?", said Rose. "Yes", said Piggy. "Patty will you put two cups of sleeping powder in two mugs for me?", asked Rose. "And Water you mean", added Piggy. "Yes", said Rose happily. Rose went to her room. Jo helped with the mugs of sleeping powder. "I wonder what there for", said P iggy as she added water. "Corn flakes I have a idea", said Patty madly. Rose returned in a dark red dress, her hair in a bun and dark red silk slippers on her feet. Rose put the mugs in her dark red purse. Jo pulled Rose outside. "You'll make many boyfriends with that silly old ball dress", said Jo jealously. "Jo if you want to fight about a 1900 ball dress you may but I'm older then you", warned Rose smiling. "Oh yeah I have more brains", said Jo. "No you don't", snapped Rose angrily. "What did you say", said Jo cornering Rose. "I said you have no brains at all", said Rose turning red her eyes burning. "How dare you ," said Jo. "Jo if you want to fight you can", said Rose. "I do", said Jo. "Fine do it", said Rose. Jo tried to hurt Rose but gave up. "Rose your going to be late", said Patty getting in the car. "So Rose your going", said Jo loudly. Rose didn't say any thing. Rose got in her red car with Piggy and her sister. At the party Rose gave Patty and Piggy the mugs of sleeping powder. Then she looked for Pansy. Piggy and Patty handed her a mug of apple juice soda. But when she drank it she fell on her knees and fell asleep. When she woke up she was laying on a white bed. A girl was laying over her. Rose was brainwashed !!. She sat up. "My name is Ranky", said Ranky. Someone stepped inside the room. "I'm her older sister", said the girl. "She's Ricktick Yorka", said Ranky. "Good", said Rose laying back. Rose needed her memory back. "Can I have some water with lemon?", asked Rose. Ranky left and returned with a mug of water with lemon. 14 screaming. Rose drank the water and she had her memory again. She looked at the sunflowers on the bedside table. "Do you know where the girls are?", asked Rose pulling up her covers. "No but I saw them get in a car and go", said Ranky putting a plate on the table. "Was it red?", asked Rose jumping out of bed in horror. "No and yes they had a red car attached to a blue van", said Ranky . "WHAT!!!", screamed Rose. "Stop", said Ricktick. "THAT WAS MY CAR!!!", screamed Rose louder. "It was", said Ranky. Rose didn't hear her. "MY POOR CAR!!!", wailed Rose. "SORRY!!!", screamed Ranky at the top of her lungs. "OH!!!", screamed Rose. Rose stopped screaming and sat down in a chair. "My car", sobbed Rose noiselessly. "I'm very sorry", said Ranky. "Yes you said that before", said Rose. "Sorry", said Ranky. "No don't say it anymore please", said Rose. "Just as you say sister", said Ranky. "My name's Rose Cutter Johnson", said Rose. "Nicer name mate", said Ranky sitting down next to Rose. "Yes", said Rose. "Dear it's dinner time", said Ricktick. Rose sat and cried when Ranky left. Rose got out of bed and pulled back the leather chest to look out the window. It was dark and wet outside. Rose sat on the bed and did a blessing. Rose fell asleep. When Rose woke up Ranky was looking at her. "It is a beautiful day my dear", said Ranky folding up a towel. Rose got out of bed and walked out of the bright room. She left that evening. The path out of the flower garden was stone and wet. Rose soon was home. "Rose dear your fine oh Rose your fine oh Rose I feared you were dead", said Mrs. Johnson running. Jo looked from over the riding lawnmower. She nodded. Sanya and Michelle walked over. Michelle Shell had long black hair and merry green eyes. She was 5 years old. Sanya Turner had long blond pigtails and sky blue eyes. She was 10 years old. Michelle's hair was very curly and Sanya had a freckled face. "Hello girls", said Rose. "Rose", both girls said Happily. They ran to Rose and hugged her. "Oh Rose you haven't visited me lately", said Sanya. 15 someone returns Just then a white car drove up the driveway. A girl and man stepped out. "ANNA!!", screamed Rose happily. "ROSE!!", screamed Anna happily. The two girls ran to hug. They both hugged and kissed. "Rose my honeymoon was lovely we went to Argentina and Greenland and Fred and sailed on a yellow small boat to Prince Edward Island", said Anna. "Nice where's Fred?", asked Rose. "In the-Fred jumped out of the car. "Why don't we go in the house my love?", asked Fred. "Fine with me dear", said Anna. Rose left to Lee's house. Nancy Sue Rose newest friend saw her and they talked. "Lee's been gone for a long time and when I see him he's buying or wrapping flowers I guess he likes flowers", said Nancy. "Oh", said Rose. "You know why he's into flowers?", asked Nancy. "No I don't sorry", said Rose. "NANCY!!!", screamed a boy. "That's my boyfriend Hamlet Iceland", said Nancy. Hamlet walked over. "Ham this is Rose Cutter Johnson", said Nancy. "Baby our dinner party", Hamlet reminded Nancy. Rose went up to Lee's door and rang the bell. Lee opened the door. "Lee Anna's returned", said Rose. "Good ," said Lee. "Yes", said Rose. Lee lead her to the living room. Rosemary was sitting in a brown leather armchair. Rosemary had on a blue dress and real gold earrings. "Hello", she said. "Hi", said Rose sitting. "Roey we found a basement", said Rosemary. "What kind of basement?," asked Rose. "A underground one", said Lee. "Where?", asked Rose. "At the old swing house", said Lee. 16 The Indian girl dream Rose had had a nightmare. In her nightmare a little Indian girl named Zimboo Zoo was cutting bean plants. A boy named Who Wang sat next to her. "The tide has grown", said Who. "Oh my," said Zimboo. "Yes", said Who. Just then a hunter walked over and killed Who. Zimboo ran. The hunter killed her too. Then Mr. Johnson killed the hunter and Rose fell out of a tree. " Rose, Rose", said a soft sweet voice. Rose woke up. Mrs. Johnson was standing over Rose. "Mom, mom", said Rose sitting up. Jo ran over to the bed. Rose was not in bed. Rose was on the floor. "Dear I heard you screaming and ran you were on the floor", said Mrs. Johnson. "Dad ," said Rose. Mr. Johnson looked over at Rose. "Ellen let the girl sleep", demanded Mr. Johnson kindly. "But Karl she needs- "I don't care what she needs", Mr. Johnson snapped. "All right Boss," Mrs. Johnson snapped back. They left with Jo. Rose fell asleep again. Next day Rose put on her school uniform and set off for Elm Pine Collage. The school was big and wood. Rose opened the door. Many girls and Boys greeted her. Judy Argentina and Edward Mattison talked about her. Jeana Sea admired Rose's Golden hair. Jeana had short red hair and bangs. "May I have your hair?", asked Jeana stupidly. "No", said Rose. Professor Marble walked in the classroom. "Today we have two new people", said Marble. "WONDERFUL!!," cheered the class. "Rose Cutter Johnson and Vicky Grain Two", said Marble. Rose and a reddish blond girl with pigtails stepped up to the table. Professor Marble gave Rose and Vicky $10. Rose could see Iswell smiling at her. "And for Boys we have Barty Bones and Allen Green and Rome St. John. Three black haired boys entered the room. The tree boys ran over to the table. They got $14. "Class Vicky was in Beacon's Grave school and so was Allen Green but Rose Johnson and Rome St. John were in Annway school and Barty Bones was in Tree high Men's stone school so all this schools are going to be here", said Miss. Marble. Poppy Poland put up her hand. One of Poppy's bracelets fell off and a boy grabbed it. "Roger give Miss. Poland her bracelet back", said Miss. Marble. Roger gave Poppy her bracelet back. "Now class Columbus was the person who found America and... "What Columbus?," cut in Rome. "Christopher Columbus my dear boy", said Miss. Marble. "Oh that nasty man", said Rome. "He was wonderful my dears just wonderful", said Miss. Marble. "Yeah right", said Rome to his self . "Class turn to page one and then we'll have a two page test", said Miss. Marble. Rose read how Columbus found the Indians and America. Rome who had been reading looked at a green book. "Look, look in the book", said Rome. Poppy, Roger, Rose and Iswell looked in Rome's old book. The Page was titled Columbus And The Indians. The page said that he had killed tons of Indians. "Look Iswell it's crayon", Roger pointed out. "Oh gash Rome", said Poppy. "Rome you played a joke on us", said Iswell angrily. "I'm mad at you Rome", said Rose shill smiling. "Oh Rose I'm real sorry", said Rome shyly. "That's all right Rome my dear Patty ... Rose stopped. It was hard to not cry when she talked about Patty who once slept under her warm soft Clifford the big red dog covers. "Who's Patty?", asked Poppy interestedly. "Oh a spy", said Rose. Iswell frowned. "You have spies in your house man Rose you'll win the spy hunt", teased Iswell. Everyone laughed. Later Rose stepped out of the collage. "Your truly wonderful Elm Pine," Rose said to the red wood wall of Elm Pine Collage. Rose turned. Rose saw Poppy and Iswell walking down the path to the road. Rose ran. "ISWELL , ISWELL!!!", screamed Rose. "Rose what's the matter?", asked Iswell. "Iswell follow me", said Rose grabbing his hand. Iswell followed. Poppy was behind them. Rose found the woods easily. Rose saw car tire prints . "Iswell look", said Rose bending. "There from a van and a car", said Iswell. "Oh Iswell I don't like this wood", said Poppy shivering. "Rose this dangerous," warned Iswell. "Don't worry", Rose ensured Iswell. "Don't be so sure," Iswell warned her. Poppy was standing on a log. "Be careful", Iswell warned her too. "Don't be scared dear", said Poppy. Just then Poppy fell. Iswell ran to the log and Rose stood grad. Poppy got up on her own. "Oh Iswell my arm is hurt," sobbed Poppy. "Rose and I well go get help", said Iswell. "I'm going farther", said Rose with her nose in the air. "But Rose it's so dangerous", said Iswell. "I'll take the risk", said Rose. "I'm going with you", said Iswell picking up Poppy. "Are you sure you can carry me?", asked Poppy. "Yes", said Iswell rolling up his sleeves with one hand. Rose ran deeper in the woods. Flor trees and honey nut trees grow everywhere. Rose saw a narrow path between two very green honey nuts. Down the path was a wooden cottage. Rose followed the trail there. "A key", said Rose happily. Laying on the door mat was a gray stone key. "Oh Iswell I'm scared", said Poppy shivering. "Poppy we are not going in the place", said Iswell. "Yes we are", said Rose unhappily. Rose opened the door. Inside were two cots, two night stands and a chair piled up high with clothes. Rose saw a photo and picked it up. On the photo was Patty and Piggy in silk dark blue dresses and slippers. A woman with light brown braids was holding Patty's hand and a man in a black suit and sun glasses was holding Piggy's hand. "That must be Mrs. Pot and Mr. Pot", said Rose. Rose turned the photo over. On the back it said "The Pots two days before there death Patty Pot age 4 Piggy Pot age 3". "They were little then", said Rose softly to herself. Poppy looked out the window. "Two little girls are in sight", said Poppy horrified. Rose looked out the window. "My your right", said Rose. "Under the bed 17 The sunrise of blood The door opened. Piggy in a dark red dress exited the room. She pulled on a black shirt and dirt covered overalls. Piggy put a ax in her pocket and left. The day was boring and dull. Poppy had got over her fear and begged to go on a walk in the woods. Rose poured a little water for her self. Iswell kep t grad. "Rose this old place is not so scary", said Poppy. "Poppy would you like a walk?", asked Rose. "Yes please", said Poppy happily. "Then let's go", said Rose smiling. They found the back door and ran out into the wood. Poppy turned and ran to a nut stone tree. Rose looked at the trunk on it was a handle made of marble. She slowly pulled the handle. A door of wood opened. Poppy screamed. "Poppy it's all right", said Rose. She stepped in the tree. Poppy followed her. She was in a tunnel. Deeper and deeper Rose went. Rose stopped and landed on a cold steel floor. Next to her was a real tree. On it were photos. "Oh my it's Iswell's family tree", said Rose happily. Under the floor was a trapdoor. Poppy fell down. "What's that?", asked Poppy. "A family tree that belongs to Izzy", said Rose. "Oh goody", said Poppy pulling off her yellow summer hat. "Poppy", said Rose. Poppy opened the trapdoor and stepped in. "It's a tunnel", was Poppy's report. "Maybe we said follow it," said Rose a little unsure. Rose jumped in. The walls, ceiling and floor were made of dry dirt. Rose followed the tunnel to a tree root. She cut the root and found the end of the tunnel. Rose was right outside the woods. "Oh," cried Poppy running to Rose. Rose sat down and gave Poppy some berries. "Rose we should go get Iswell," said Poppy stuffing her face with blueberries and raspberries. "Yes," agreed Rose. "Lincoln might want to go this time", said Poppy looking at her leather brown watch. "Who's Lincoln?", asked Rose. "My dog," said Poppy. "What time is it?", asked Rose. "5:53", said Poppy. Rose lay down on the mossy grass. "Are you tired?", asked Poppy. "Very", said Rose. Rose looked up at the sky. Without noticing Rose fell into a heavy sleep. In her dream she was dancing with Hadley in a white silk dress. Hadley had on a dark red suit. "Oh Rose my girl let's never stop dancing", said Hadley. Hadley and Rose danced for years and years. Then a old man showed up and killed Hadley. Rose fe ll to the blue marble floor crying. Two man tied Rose in a net. Rose woke up. Rose had been crying for real. Poppy was sitting beside her and Iswell stand looking at her. Iswell was worried. "Oh", said Rose. It was 4:00 am. "Look at the sunrise", said Poppy happily. The sky was the color of blood with bits of blue in it. "It's more beautiful then my trip to Montana", said Rose. "When did you go to Montana ?", asked Poppy. "Last year," said Rose happily. "Was it beautiful?", asked Poppy. "Yes very", said Rose. "I've been in New Jersey", said Iswell. "I've only been in Montana, California and Oregon", said Rose. "Did you go to the mountains?", asked Poppy. "Yes I saw eagles as well", said Rose unhappily. "Babies?", asked Poppy. "Grown ones and babies", said Rose. "Did they bite?", asked Poppy. Rose pulled up her skirt. On her leg was a red long cut the size of a ruler. "Your arm", said Poppy worried. "It's a eagle bit", said Rose. "How horrible", cried Poppy. "Poppy let's talk about nice things", said Iswell. "Rose how old were you then?", asked Poppy. "15", said Rose staring at her cut. "Were your parents with you?", asked Poppy. "No they stayed in Oregon", said Rose angrily. "You were by yourself?", asked Poppy. "Yes", said Rose. "That's not right", said Poppy. "Poppy my little sister Jo or Whitney couldn't go", said Rose. "You have a point", said Poppy hitting her head. 18 The police Rose called the police and in no time the police found two little girls called Piggy and Patty Pot. Police chief Poland told Rose to help the children. "I'm so sorry", said Piggy leaning on Rose's arm. "Patty Piggy I have a home for you", said Rose. "Where?", asked Piggy. "Iswell!", called Rose. Iswell walked over. "Yes", said Iswell kindly. "Would you take the girls?", asked Rose. "Yes Pa well love to keep em", said Iswell happily. "Oh", cried Piggy. Patty and Piggy kissed and hugged there new brother. Rose's car had been found. Rose said good- bye to the smiling children as she walked away with Poppy. The end