l'Heroisme au Quotidien (1999)

Set in a small village in rural Senegal, Heroisme au quotidien is the first of a trilogy (Faat Kine and Moolaade) Ousmane Sembene was devoted to the awakening and daily heroism of African women at the beginning of the new century. Hitherto exploited in their daily toil and for centuries enslaved by patricarchal and religious obscurantism and indoctrination, teh women of a small village suddenly start hearing new voices broadcast from the city in national languages. Channelled through antiquated battery-powered radio sets, a contact is born with the outsideworld; the world they share with other women. Their new knowledge blows open teh walls of their prison, broadens their horizon and challenges their centuries-old relation of subordination to their men. Heroism au quotidien is teh voice of change; the sudden discovery of a new Value (freedom) that leads to a revolt a la Camus. It heralds a new dawn for African women and for African men.

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