Lab 7 - Using Arrays

Due - November 15/16, 2004

In this lab, you will write a program that uses arrays. Your program will keep track of student's grades for Projects 1, 2, and 3. You should keep three parallel arrays. Array 1 will keep track of grades for Project 1, array 2 will keep track of grades for Project 2, and array 3 will keep track of grades for Project 3. Student 0's score for project 1 will be in element 0 of array 1. Student 0's score for project 2 will be in element 0 of array 2, and so on.

Your program should ask the user to input grades for each student for each project. The user may enter scores for up to 15 students. However, there may be fewer than 15 students in the class. Your program should then calculate and print the average score for each project, and the average score for each user. Next, your program will ask the user to make any necessary changes to the data. For example, the professor may have made a grading error and will need to modify a particular student's score on a particular project. Once the user has made all necessary changes, your program should recalculate and print both the average for each project and the average for each student.

You may design the program however you would like. However, part of your grade will be based on your design. Think carefully about how to break the problem down and how functions can be used. A program with only a main function will receive a low score for design.

Part 1 - Due - Monday, November 8, 2004 - 8:35AM

Submit a program design and series of test cases.

Part 2 - Due - November 15/16, 2004 - Beginning of Lab

Submit your completed code.
  1. Make sure that each function is well documented. Your documentation should specify the type and role of the input paramaters and ouput.
  2. Copy and paste the output of your program to the bottom of your program itself. Make sure the output is a comment. That means, put a /* before the output and a */ after the output.

Sami Rollins