Project 1 - Determining a Day Number

Part 1 - Due - Monday, October 18, 2004

Part 2 - Due - October 25/26, 2004

For this project, you will complete Programming Project 7 from Chapter 5 of your text book (pg. 205). This project asks you to write a program that will accept as input three integers -- a month, a day, and a year. You must calculate the day number for the given date. For example, the input - 1 1 1994 - would result in day number 1 while - 12 31 1996 - would result in day number 366 because 1996 is a leap year. The text provides you with a hint for how to determine whether a given year is a leap year.

In addition, your program must disallow invalid input. For example, if the user enters month 23, your program should print an error message an exit.

Part 1 - Due Monday, October 18, 2004 - 8:35AM

Submit a program design and series of test cases. Your design and test cases should follow the guidelines given in labs 2-4.

Part 2 - Due October 25/26, 2004 - Beginning of Lab

Submit your completed code.
  1. Make sure that each function is well documented. Your documentation should specify the type and function of the input paramaters and ouput.
  2. Make sure a lab assistant (Dianne or I) has seen your program run.
  3. Copy and paste the output of your program to the bottom of your program itself. Make sure the output is a comment. That means, put a /* before the output and a */ after the output.

Sami Rollins