Philosophy 202
Great Traditions of Western Thought
The Modern Period

This may be revised depending on the enrollment for Spring 2008 

During the semester, there will be four debates as listed on the class syllabus.  Each student will be assigned to one of four debate teams.  Each team will be assigned to defend a specific position in two debates.  Once the teams are assigned, they should meet to begin to plan their strategy.  There is a web-board available to each team that is password protected.  Teams must meet with Claire no later than a week before their debate.

The actual debate will have a rather formal structure to ensure that each member of the team has a significant role to play. The following is the format we will follow. Each presentation will be approximately three minutes long. In no case can
you take more than five minutes!

1. One pro speech that develops the pro position.
2. One contra speech that develops the contra position.
3. A three minute break.
4. Alternating speeches that develop criticisms of the other position and defend your position against criticisms, beginning with the contra team.
5. A general give and take between the two teams (and the audience) about the issue in question.
6. Alternating concluding speeches that defend your position for a final time and sum up your argument.

Grading will be based upon both the performance of the team as a whole as well as the individual's role. It is therefore imperative that you cooperate amonst yourselves. If there are problems, please let Claire or Tom know asap.

Those of you who are not actually debating are required to write a paper.  See the Requirements page for information.

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