Philosophy 202
Great Traditions of Western Thought
The Modern Period

Discussion Questions for Leibniz, #2 

Make sure that you read the entire Monadology over again, paying close attention to how Leibniz argues for the claims that he makes. Note any passages that do not make sense to you. You should read this quite slowly, for it is difficult going.

1. How is the soul of human beings distinguished from that of other entities?

2. What are the "two great principles" that Leibniz discusses?

3. What is the role of the principle of sufficient reason in Leibniz' philosophy?

4. How does Leibniz proves that God exists? (Note that there is both an apriori and an aposteriori proof. What's the difference between these types of proofs?)

5. What is Leibniz' solution to the mind-body problem?

6. What does Leibniz mean by "the pre-established harmony"? What role does it play in his philosophy?

7. What is the city of God? What is its relationship to the actual world?

8. Is this the best of all possible worlds? How do you know?

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