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February 1  Introduction: What is philosophy for children?

Discuss "Cookies" in class
Watch video

February 8  Why teach children philosophy?

Reading: Philosophy Club, pp. 8-24 (ER)
Kennett and Smith, "Frog and Toad Lose Control" (ER)
Fisher, Chapter 1
Martin Luther King Materials (xerox)

In class: Discuss self-control and discussing philosophy with school children
Visit by Lan Katz, Executive Director Martin Luther King Charter School

February 15 The Community of Inquiry

Read: Fisher, Chapters 3 and 6
Kennedy, "The Community of Inquiry and ..." (ER)
Kennedy, "Philosophy for Children and the Reconstruction of Philosophy" (ER)

Assignment: Be prepared to discuss the book you have chosen and what the philosophical issues in it are.  

In class: Group discussion of "The Ring of Gyges"; begin small-groups with discussion of "The Dream"

February 22  Teaching philosophy through children's stories

Reading: Fisher, Chapter 4
           Matthews, "Ring of Gyges" (ER)

March 1 Matthew Lipman and the beginnings of philosophy for children

Reading: Reed and Johnson, "Philosophy for Children: An Introduction" (ER)
              Lipman (ER)
             Fisher, Chapter 2

Assignment: Draft questions for your book.


March 8 Facilitating a philosophic discussion with children

Read: Fisher, Chapter 5
        Philosophy Club, pp. 25-36 (ER)
       Matthews, Chapter 15 (ER)

Assignment: Draft the philosophical introduction for your book.

March 15 How to Conduct a Philosophic Discussion with Children

Read: Laurance J. Splitter and Ann M. Sharp, "The Practice of Philosophy in the Classroom"
          David Pears, "Courage as a Mean" (ER)
           "Dragons and Giants"

Assignment: Meet with Chloe to discuss your question sets

In Class: Go to Jackson Street to meet students and have a discussion of ground rules

March 22: Break!!

March 29 1st teaching session at the Jackson Street School

Read:  Let's Make Rabbits
Russell (ER)
          Eddington (ER)
          Wittgenstein (ER)

Teach:  "Dragons and Giants"

Submit revised book module for your book. Meet with tech mentor to begin the design of your on-line module.

April 5  2nd teaching session at Jackson Street School

Read: Many Moons
          Descartes, from the Meditations (ER)
          Peirce, "The Fixation of Belief" (ER)

Teach: Let's Make Rabbits

April 12 3rd teaching session at Jackson Street School

Read: Emily's Art
         Danto (ER)
         Tolstoy (ER)

Teach: Many Moons

April 19 School Vacation: Meet at Mount Holyoke

Assignment: Meet with Chloe to discuss two-page paper proposal due April 21
Journals also due April 21
Work on Posting Online Book Module to Kidsphil Website

April 26 4th teaching session at Jackson Street School

Teach: Emily's Art

May 3 Final teaching session at Jackson Street School

Continue Teaching Emily's Art

Reflective Essay Due May 12




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