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First Session Script

Posted by Paula Carpentier on October 2, 2003 at 22:01:47:

Here is the script from our first discussion. I had typed it in a word doc. the other week and just realized that I did not post it. I am sorry about that :) I hope you find it helpful!

Tom: Do some people look brave all of the time? Who
Kelly: policemen
Somera: soldiers
Liz: parents
Chloe: Super heroes
Kate: bullies
Rose: animals, like lions
Tom: Do some people look brave some of the time? When?
Rose: actors may look brave when they are on stage not when they are off stage.
Kate: Older siblings
Rachel: Parents
Tom: When do parents look brave?
Rachel: When you hurt yourself
Claudia: Bullies look brave but do not look brave when the teacher comes
Tom: Do you look brave? Do you have a special look when you look brave?
Rachel: I look brave when I am calm
Somera: When I feel like I know something ex. Giving a lecture
Claudia: When you feel comfortable
There was another question here, but here are the answers
Rose: fidget
Kate: blush
Tom: How do you hold yourself?
Chloe: hide behind others
Claudia: avoid eye contact
Do others have to think that you are brave in order to be brave?
Allison: No
Allison: You could do things other people don’t find difficult
Becca: Does someone else have to think it is brave?
Allison: Doing math problems on the board
Becca: It is never a,b, or c that is brave
Allison: most people would say leading a battle is brave
Allison: there are 2 ways of judging
Becca: leading a battle may not be a personal challenge
Becca: You can have 2 different ideas of brave but someone has to think it is a challenge
Rose: Maybe a socially defined definition of braveness and a personal one
Chloe It could just be some body else thinking you are brave, but you are not brave according to society
Siv: What if someone has a mental illness where getting up is difficult in itself. Would just getting up and interacting be brave?
Siv: I think so….not having to rely on other people
Rose: Fighting a battle (etc.) is clearly brave. May be others find their own situation difficult...it is hard to say that is brave
Tom: Conflict> internal criteria vs. being a cop ( is very different from what we said in the beginning, we wouldn’t have said that in the beginning of our discussion) How do we deal with that? Do we make a scales?
Tom: Same place as last week when we got stuck. How do we understand concepts like bravery, handsome, etc.
Kate: I think you could be brave by yourself but not handsome
Tom: What is brave? Gun shooters look brave in Western movies
Katy: Stereotype is very powerful; a lot of people would find it difficult standing up against a gun
Becca: What if someone doesn’t know hat a gun does?
Somera: If you have a gun there, you are really scared
Tom: Is John Wayne brave?
Allison: You don’t have to feel brave to do brave things
Siv: Depends on the action, not just standing there
Rose: Does he have to do an action you respect? What if he shot a little kid?
Siv: That is not a criteria for bravery. If you shot a child or a villain>neither is brave
Siv: Must put oneself in danger—brave but not just him standing thers-no difference between him and the mentally ill person
Allison: Are they brave if we all agree but he doesn’t feel brave?
Siv: I would say yes…
Allison: If those people don’t recognize themselves to be brave
Siv: In some respects yes, and some respects no? Based upon my criteria—I would judge myself
Becca: What are the criteria
Claudia: Does it matter if others think they are brave? If w do think ourselves as brave?
Becca: We do look at other people and comment on their bravery. Are they brave because they look confident? Because we look at people and judge?

When the snake came Frog and Toad were shaking, does shaking make a difference?
Liz: You can still be brave
Becca: Shaking is a biological response, follow instincts
Rose: I am going to acknowledge
Becca: You have to be afraid
Chloe He said he was not afraid, but he was shaking and they ran away…that is being afraid
Rose: It is not always the smartest thing to be brave
Chloe: I would necessarily deem saving yourself brave
Becca: They continue on this goal, even though they meet obstacles. Only when they get to the top of the mountain do they run down. They even take the same path down even though it could be dangerous
Siv: The avalanche was over, the snake couldn’t get them at that point. They got to their goal but at the same time it was not dangerous
Allison: If a child is physically abused---years later visit the house


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