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Dialogue from 2nd grade

Posted by Claudia, Becca, and Katy on November 11, 2003 at 19:14:21:

Transcript of Dialogue on 11-05-03
Frog and Toad: Dragons and Giants

Question 1: Can you describe what brave looks like?
- Graciella: When youíre afraid of something you can look brave. The squirrel running around my house scared me.
- Gracie: Graciella looked brave when the squirrel scared her.
- Graciella: (after instructions to show what a brave face looks like) My brave face is nice but I wanted to see everyone elseís- I thought mine would be too brave. Maybe even funny.
Question 2: How does Frog know when he is being brave? How do you know when you are brave? What kinds of people are brave?
- Jacob: I am brave.
- Mara: I am brave when I get a shot
- Gracie: The muscle man at the circus is brave.
- Yasmina: The Doctor says Iím brave when I scream.
- Quinn: Football players are brave cause they get hit a lot. Football is not scary cause football players are grown-ups and they donít get scared.
- Quinn: Babies are not afraid either.
- Graciella: My little brother is brave because he had surgery-heís better now- and also every time I go to sleep he comes in my room and he isnít afraid of the dark.
- Yasmina: When I hit my finger in the door it hurt a lot and my nail came off. When it was coming off I screamed a lot but I got braver and braver even though I screamed.
- Solomon: I didnít cry when I got my finger stuck in the door, I didnít cry so I was brave.
- Mara: My dad is brave because when he was fixing the car it fell on him and he had to go to the hospital. He was brave because they put staples in his head.
Question 3: If you donít cry does that mean youíre brave?
- Quinn: Not totally
- Mara: My knee hurt and I didnít cry.
- Quinn: She (Mara) was brave.
- Solomon: If someone doesnít cry that doesnít mean theyíre not brave.
Question 4: Does shaking (like Frog and Toad) show that someone is not brave?
- Yasmina: Being still means you are brave because you are fighting the scary thing.
- Solomon: Canít fight rocks (in reference to story)
- Gracie: I was brave when I feel off my bike and hurt myself, I felt brave because I wasnít crying.
- Graciella: I stood up for myself against a bully and even his Mom, and I didnít run away- I told him that he can be a bully and he isnít going to hurt me. My sister and my cousin said I was brave.
- Solomon: When you stand up for yourself you are brave. If you are brave you can tell someone to stop teasing you.
- Quinn: My mom said I was brave when I got knocked down but shook it off.
Question 5: Can someone look brave but not be brave?
- Yasmina: The Doctor says that Iím brave but Iím kicking the Doctor. I donít think I am brave, Iím not brave because I was scared.
Question 6: If something hurts does that mean you are not brave? Can you be brave and scared?
- Jacob: My friend hit me in the eye with a golf club and I had to have stitches and I was scared. But I was brave because I wasnít crying. You can cry at anytime, if you donít cry hard it easy to stop so itís not bad. (I think he was getting at the point: if you donít cry hard its easy to stop so you arenít scared, but if you cry hard its hard to stop and maybe you are scared?)
- Annabelle: I hate when they prick you (in the doctorís office) Makes me scared- youíre not brave if you are scared.
Question 7: Does hiding under the covers or in the closet show that you are not brave?
- Gracie: Sort of and sort of not.
- Estefani: It shows that you are not brave.


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