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Fifth Grade Philosophical Discussion

Posted by Liz, Allison, Siv on November 11, 2003 at 22:43:24:

Perfect the Pig -- Grade 5

Question 1: Was there ever a time when you were treated unfairly?

Melody: Yes, because I'm not a follower. When other people asked me to do something I didn't want to do, I didn't do something bad.
Liam: When I had cancer kids wouldn't play with me on the playground because I was bald
James: Someone called me a name.
Cassandra: I was called a cry baby when I broke my arm.

Question 2: Is it okay to be different?

Chris: Yes, some people dress different.
Oliver: It's okay to be different all of the time
Joseph: I agree and disagree with Oliver. It depends on how different you are. You can only go so far. But, everybody's different all the time.
Melody: You can act different because some people are from different countries and are raised differently.
Rose: Mostly
Jasmine: Everybody's different. They are different in good and bad ways.
Cassandra: If you call someone a name then you are being mean. If you do this then people might think you're different.

Question 3: Is there a time when everyone should be the same?

(Allison gave an example about everyone in the army dressing the same)
Oliver: What if you're a spy?
Chris: Nevermind (he lost his thought)
Jasmine: Its okay for everyone to wear the same clothes when they have uniforms.
Liam: That's wrong. People should be able to wear what they want.
Joseph: Some schools have uniforms to show that you are part of their community.
Besarta: I agree with them.
Jasmine: Uniforms are good because clothes can be distracting.
Rose: Some schools have students wear a picture id to show they are part of the community.
Chris: I disagree with Joseph. Would you wear your uniform outside of school?
Cassandra: I don't want uniforms because I like regular clothes better.
Jasmine: I agree, but, I think people are treated better when they wear uniforms.
Besarta: I agree that people should wear what they want.
Cassandra: You are just as smart in regular clothes.
Melody: My cousin goes to a school with uniforms. When a new girl started she didn't wear the uniform because she didn't know about them. The kids shouldn't have made fun of her because she didn't know.
Joseph: I disagree with Melody. The girl should have known about the uniforms before going.
Liam: I agree with Joseph, but it's not right to treat someone differently.
Jasmine: You shouldn't treat people differently because of who they are.
Rose: You probably wouldn't change for another community (if you move somewhere new). Kids are influenced by their parents and peers in their community.


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