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fifth grade philosophical dissucion # 2

Posted by Liz, Allison, Siv on November 17, 2003 at 21:11:54:

Transcript for "Perfect the Pig"

Was it okay to Put Perfect in a Cage?
-Joseph: no
Jasmine: no
Chris: no, because he wants to fly and he needs to be in the mud.
Was it okay for Olive to keep perfect?
Cassy: yes, because the bad man never looked for Perfect's owner, he just took perfect.
Melody: Oliver kept Perfect in a bed.
Chris: She washes him. But, Olive didn't look for the owner, either.
Jasmine: I agree with Chris. Just because Perfect has wings, its okay. Its okay to feed Perfect garbage because that's what pigs eat.
Cassy: Olive shouldn't have looked for the owner because he was miserable and needed care.
What if you found a cute little puppy?
Melody: I wouldn't find the owner.
Jasmine: I agree that Olive was right to keep him because if someone wanted to find Olive they would have put signs up. Perfect was happy with her.
Chris: I agree with Jasmine
Matt: Is it okay that olive took Perfect? Yes and no. The same for the man taking Perfect.
Is it okay to put animals in cage?
Cassy: no because they need to be free. (on the last subject) Olive didn't use him for money
Chris: Olive made money off of the paintings
Cassy: She didn't turn perfect into something he didn't want to be
Besarta: its only okay to put dogs in cages, not pigs
Jasmine: Sometimes its okay. Like its okay to put a stray cat in a cage because it might be dangerous.
Liam: we put mice in cages because if we don't, they'll run away and get hurt.
Melody: Its okay to put animals in cages if you let them out sometimes.
James: Animals should be able to roam unless they are dangerous. Its sad to see animals roll around in their own poop.
Melody: I disagree because some snakes can be poisonous.
List some examples of animals in cages.
Matt: Pet store
Liam: zoo
Melody: Aquarium,
Jasmine: farm
Cassy: Angry animals
Let's look at animals at a zoo. Is it okay to keep them in cages?
Melody: yes, so people don't put their hands in and get bitten
Chris: the habitat zoo in Atlanta treated the animals very nicely. they had their own pods and a lot of room.
James: putting animals in cages is cruel.
Jasmine: its okay to put animals in an aquarium because they need the water to live
Is it okay to have fish in tanks?
Joseph: yes, if they're treated well.
Chris: All things are created equal
Jasmine: People are put in cages. They go to jail if they do something bad.
Liam: People are put in insane asylums. That's like a cage
Cassy: animals are miserable in cages
Matt: People are put in cages under water to look at sharks
Chris: I disagree with Cassy.
Jasmine: I put a domestic cat in a cage to move, but she was fine.
Is it okay to put rare animals, birds of prey, in cages?
Cassy: its okay
Jasmine: my cat likes the cage
Liam: putting exotic animals in cages is kind of okay because its for their protection.
Oliver: I agree with him.
Chris: Zoo is similar to the man using Perfect to perform.
Jasmine: I agree with Liam and Chris. It depends on the size of the cage.
James: things shouldn't be in cages because it stresses them out.
Cassy: I agree with Jasmine and disagree with Chris. Certain animals can be put in cages if they are fed and have room to move.
Liam: We're being grumpy old men
Is it okay to make money from animals in cages?
Jasmine: the man is not nice to Perfect compared to a zoo. The zoo is fair.
Liam: zoos are good and bad. Sometimes they put big animals in small cages. But if the animals are in big cages, then it is okay.
Chris: (referring to Cassy's last statement) Animals in the wild can eat but they can't eat in cages.
Jasmine: I agree and disagree with Joseph and chris. If animals are put in cages that respect their own habitat then it is okay.
Jasmine: Its not okay to look at animals all day. (separate thought) If the illustrator drew the man differently, we might think about him in a different way.
James: I disagree with Jasmine. A monkey can do what he wants in a jungle.
Joseph: animals in cages are protected from the wild and the food chain. Animals eat each other in the wild, but in a zoo they are given food that they need.
Should we free dogs?
Besarta: No, because they won't be okay. Its not the same. Lions and tigers are dangerous to them.
Matt: They can't hunt and they're not used to being hunted.
Chris: (in response to Joseph's last statement) What about lion's?
Liam: zoo animals have insurance...they are protected.
Jasmine: it depends on what the money is for. If it's for the pet, okay. But if its for a big fancy house and they want to be rich, its not okay.
James: Can monkeys get depressed and commit suicide?
Cassy: We shouldn't rescue small dogs because they're mean.
James: I have a pig joke. a man is walking by a farm and notices a pig with a pegleg. this being unusual, he asks of the farmer, who is conveniently at hand, for an
explanation. the farmer replies that it's really an incredible pig. it
seems one time it actually saved the life of his child when it dove into
the lake and rescued the kid from drowning. the man, perplexed, mentions
that his explanation doesn't account for the pegleg. the farmer again
praises the pig, relating how one time he kept the family from burning
alive by waking them just as the house caught fire. the man, frustrated,
asserts that the pig is, in fact, one of a kind, but that neither story
explains how he got his pegleg. the farmer finally tips his hat, pauses,
and says, "well sir, you see a pig like that you don't eat all at once."


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