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fifth grade discussion: transcript 5

Posted by Liz Calvanese on December 15, 2003 at 15:11:58:

Philosophy for Children: Emilyís Art
Allison, Siv, Liz

Is the judge qualified to judge an art contest?

-Chris: Yes, because she has the atmosphere of art in her background. But, she has to relate the drawings to the ages of the children.
-Cassy: No, because she hurt Emilyís feelings. Pictures canít change, so the picture was the same when she wanted it to win as it was when she realized it wasnít what she thought. Emily should have still won.
-Joseph: She is qualified. She shouldnít have done what she did, but sheís still a good judge. She knows art very well but sheíd probably judge adult art better.
-Rose: What she said wasnít fair.
-Chris: Its okay that she did what she didÖlook at American Idol. Simon is always harsh when he deals with people. She has the right to say what she said.

What qualifies someone to be a judge?

-Oliver: Someone whoís seen all kinds of art and has experience. No personal feelings.
-James: They have to understand a kidís mind, even if they donít draw realistically, but emotionally. Personal lives should stay out of the judging.

How should a judge pick a winner?

-Jasmine: Most of the time you can pick by who has the most detail.
-Chris: Kid is not the next Picasso, there should be some detail, but the painting canít be entirely judged on detail.
-Besarta: I disagree, I think it should be judged on detail.
-Rose: Everyone should get compliments, not just the winner.
-Liam: The time put into it shouldnít matter. How it looks matters. It needs to look right.
-Oliver: A good judge sees effort.
-Joseph: Art is easy to Emily, she doesnít need to put a lot of effort into it.
-Jasmine: The effort put into art is not always hard, but it should come out like it was pictured.
-Joseph: I have two things to say. 1: the judge should judge by the time period they are in because it will help to see why the art was made. 2: why are people paid so much for splattering paint?
-James: Some people put a lot of effort into scribble art.

Show picture of Starry Night

-James: art is what you want it to be.

What is the difference between something you like and what is best?

-Jasmine: Lots of people donít think Van Goghís the best.
-Chris: Van Gogh was a sick-o.
-James: People who donít like Van Gogh are idiots.

If the judgeís interpretation is different from the artistís intention, does it matter?

-Liam: It matters because thatís what Emily wanted it to be. The judge shouldnít have changed her mind.
-Rose: Emily felt bad, she thought she drew it wrong. So it does matter.

Do we always know the artistís intentions?

-Joseph: no

Is it okay if the artistís intent and a personís interpretation is different?

-Besarta: I think so.
-Jasmine: Yes and no. Like the tea cup painting. Its hard to see what it is. The artistís feelings might be hurt.

Were Emilyís feelings hurt?

-In Unison: yes
-Its like the picture on the cereal box of the old lady and the young lady. Itís the same picture that can be seen in two ways.
What was the artistís intention?

-James: Optical Illusion
-Oliver: Intended two things. In the book only the dog was intended, not the rabbit. The artistís intention is important.
-Besarta: Itís okay to think what you think.

Whatís more important, interpretation or intention?

-Jasmine: half interpretation, half intention.

Why is the picture popular?

-Cassy: because itís crafty.
-James: because it can be seen in different ways.
-Jasmine: Itís popular because the style is unpopular. Itís not often that pictures are two in one.
-Chris: Maybe the artist intended that whatever is seen on the outside is opposite on the inside. If the outside is the beautiful woman, the inside is an ugly old woman. But if the outside is the ugly, old woman, the inside is a beautiful, young girl.

Do we all think that was the authorís intention?

-Chris: yes

Do we know for sure?

-In Unison: no
-Jasmine: Maybe the artist didnít want us to know who he/she was.


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