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Questions from Chapter Thirteen

Posted by Chloe Martin on September 30, 2003 at 14:56:55:

Luther can't imagine the universe not beginning and Tony can't imagine the universe beginning. Is there anything you can't imagine?

If you can't imagine something could it still be true?

Tony said that one possible explanation of the universe is that it "didn't have a beginning and was created by God." Bill Beck said that Tony's possibility was in fact not possible because "it contradicts itself". Can something have a beginning and no cause? Does everything have a beginning? Does everything have a cause?

Before the boys go to sleep the boys decide that you don't always have to "find out what the right answer is." Is there always a right answer?

Later on the boys recognize that there are many ways to think but Tony says, "I'm finding the right way to think." Is there a right way to think?


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