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Re: Questions for Harry Stottlemeier

Posted by liz Calvanese on September 30, 2003 at 21:34:37:

In Reply to: Questions for Harry Stottlemeier posted by Claudia Catalano on September 30, 2003 at 20:20:38:

: 1. Jill, Fran, and Lisa are discussing different ways that people think. Do we all think in different ways? How do you know that you are thinking?

: 2. Laura feels that lots of real things are things we can't touch. What is something real that we can't tough? What makes something real? Is the mind real?

: 3. What makes something a living thing? What is the different between a real thing and a living thing?

: 4. Luther tried to use the word "all" as a definite rule, but he found out that there are exceptions to the rules. When using "all" is there always an exception? Can you ever really use the complete definition of "all"? Is "all" a real concept?

I think these questions are great. They're short and to the point, very easy to understand. I think the only one that I would worry children would have trouble understanding is the last part of number 4. However, I could be mistaken and kids could be smarter than I think :) Great job, Claudia!!!


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