Asian Studies 212
Intermediate Chinese
Fall 2003

Information and Requirements

Ying Wang, 128 Ciruti, x2281,

Course Page on the Internet:

Teaching Assistant:
Alice Kao, 29 Ciruti,

Integrated Chinese, Level 1, Part 2 & Level 2 (including two separate books: Textbook and Workbook.) Audiotapes for the textbooks are available at the Language Resource Center.

It is crucial for you to attend class every day and do not miss any chance of practice. Any absence without a medical doctor's note or the instructor's permission will affect your final grade.
Preparation and Participation:
Since the pace of the course is fast, the learning will be effective only when you prepare the class in advance and actively participate in class activities. Preparation means to prepare new words, listen to the tape, and read the part of text that will be covered in class the next day.

Please hand in your homework on time and try to solve your problems in a timely fashion. If you do not understand anything in your homework, ask first and do it later. Besides regular homework, you will write two to three short essays (300-400 words) in Chinese each semester. The writing assignments will be announced in class as well as in your weekly schedules.

Comprehensive and Character Quizzes:
You will have one comprehensive quiz for every two new lessons. The content of the quizzes will include vocabulary usages, grammar points, and sentence patterns. You are also expected to be familiar with the texts and translate sentences from English to Chinese. Twice a week, you will be given a 5 to 10 minute short quiz to test you on your characters. Learning the characters will be one of your most challenging tasks in this class, therefore it is very important for you to practice the characters you learn on daily basis.

Lab Work:
Students are expected to attend lab regularly to listen to the tapes of each lesson. The listening comprehension exercises in your workbook are much more difficult than those in the first level. Try to practice them independently. But do seek help (from the instructor, teaching assistant, or your tutor) if you encounter problems.

Tutorial and Chinese Table:
A 20-30 minute individual tutorial time will be assigned for each student every week. This is the most precious time to reinforce your learning individually, and you are required to attend this tutorial once a week. Chinese table is a time you can practice Chinese outside of the classroom, and we encourage you to participate in this activity whenever you can.

Grading System:
Daily Performance 20%
Comprehensive Quizzes 25%
Homework 10%
Vocabulary Quizzes 15%
Mid-term and Final 30%

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