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Chinese Table
Professor with StudentsChinese Table is an important but also fun occasion you don't want to miss at Mount Holyoke College. At least once a week, faculty members and students have either lunch or dinner together while sharing their experiences of campus life and interests together.
It is a great opportunity to practice Chinese, to discuss current issues on the United States and China, to compare notes on Chinese cooking, to gossip about American and Chinese movie stars and popular singers, or to relate your travel experiences and unusual encounters.
It is also a good place to make new friends and establish bonds with your classmates. Sharing a meal together regularly creates relaxed atmosphere and family-like relationship with your professors and fellow students. You will be amazed to find that people are genuinely interested in your studies, your life, and your other interests.

Everyone is welcome!
Chinese table is held at
Ham Hall, Every Wednesday, 5:30pm-6:30pm

Chinese Festivals
As a multicultural community, it is a tradition to celebrate major Chinese festivals such as Moon Festival and Chinese New Year at Mount Holyoke College. In organizing these events, faculties and students join effort to create an environment for not only broadening students' outlook and knowledge about China, but also making everyone feel at home.


Playing Taiji

Dancing (1)

Dancing (2)

Celebrating Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year

Class gethering (1)

Taking a test

Taking a test again

Class gethering (2)

Prof. Lipman is singing Chinese folk song

Singing Chinese song

Singing Chinese Songs

Celebrating the First Chinese New Year of the Millenniu

Second China Nite in Mount Holyoke History
Celebrate the Year of the Horse
When: Saturday, Feb. 9th, 8:00-10:00pm
Where: Chapin Auditorium ($4.00)
Sponsored by: Chinese Culture Association

Stories of Chinese Festivals

Chinese Movie Series

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