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AS 110f--AS 111s Elementary Chinese
This course introduces Mandarin Chinese and emphasizes development of oral proficiency as well as gradual acquisition of reading and writing skills. Supplements class work with laboratory practice. Uses a computer program to practice pronunciation and Chinese characters.
5 meetings; 6 credits each semester (credit contingent upon enrollment in both the first and second semesters)

AS 212f--AS 213s Intermediate Chinese
This course continues elementary Chinese. Emphasizes equally speaking, listening, reading, and writing modern Chinese. Supplements class work with audio- and videotapes. Uses Chinese software to write journals in Chinese.
Prereq.AS111 or equivalent; 5 meetings; 6 credits each semester.

AS310f-AS311s Advanced Chinese
This course helps studenst to build both linguistic and communicative competence in Mandarin Chinese through reading, discussiong, and writing about authentic texts. Newspapers, essays, and short stories will be the teaching materials for the course. An interactive approach will be incorporated into the curriculum to improve students' conversational skills. The class will be conducted mostly in Chinese, and class hours will be supplemented by individual work in the language Rescource Center.
Ms.Xiaoping Teng
Prereq.Asian Studies 213 or equivalent; 4 credits.
Satisfies Humanities I-A requirements.

AS 240 Women in Chinese Literature
This course examines various modes of representation by which women have been portrayed in traditional Chinese literature. Through our close reading of a wide range of materials, including poetry, fiction, essays, and drama from 600 BC to the end of 19th century, the course seeks to explorenew perspectives on issues relating to gender studies, such as how the image(s) of women changed throughout Chinese history, what kind of heroines were favored by Chinese writers, and whether "women" becomes a literary trope for Chinese society in the imperial China.

AS248 Contemporary Chinese Fiction
A study of representative Chinese fictional writings from 1949 to the present focusing on the ways in which issues of individual and national identity, modernity, and gender have been probed and represented by different generations of Chinese writers. A particular emphasis will be placed on the novels and short stories published since the 1980s, in which both traditional ideology and literary styles are seriously questioned and challenged. Readings include works by Nobel Prize winner Gao Xingjian and other famous writers such as Wang Meng, Zhang Xianliang, Zhang Jie, Wang Anyi, Yu Hua, Su Tong, ect.

Ms. Ying Wang
MW: 1:15-2:30pm, 4 credits. Satisfies Humanities I-A requirements.

Ciruti Language Center at MHC
Ciruti Language Center at MHC

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