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Chinese Painting
Painting by Tang Yin

Chinese Class at MHC. 1999-2000

Elementary Chinese Class 1999-2000

The Great Wall of China

Great wall

Teaching Faculty

    Ying Wang
    Assistant Professor of Chinese
    Curiti 128
    Tel:(413) 538-2281


  • Ph.D. in Chinese Literature, University of Toronto
  • M.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, University of Toronto
  • M.Ed. in Reading and Language Pedagogy, University of South Carolina
  • B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Normal University

    Teaching Experience:
  • Mount Holyoke College, Assistant Professor of Chinese 1999-present
  • Middlebury College, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese 1998-1999
  • Princeton University, Lecturer of Chinese 1994-1998

    Research Interests:
  • Premodern Chinese fiction (from 17th to 19th century)
  • Women in Chinese literature
  • Chinese language teaching pedagogy

    Shih-Yi Kao
    Teaching Assistant
    Curiti 128
  • M.Ed. in Language Education, University of Massachusetts
  • B.A. in German Language and Literature, Fu-Jen University

    Teaching Experience:
  • Mount Holyoke College, Teaching Assistant 1997-present
  • Clark University, Lecturer of Chinese 1999-presnet
  • Smith College, Teaching Assistant 1998-1999
  • Williams College, Teaching Associate 1996-1997
  • Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies 1994-1996


Asian Studies Major

This major is intended to provide a flexible, interdisciplinary program in Asian studies, covering a broad range of topics, and offering students an opportunity to work intensively in areas of interest. Requirements for the major include at least 40 credits of course work on Asia, including 16 credits in an Asian language (Chinese, Japanese, Sanskrit, or Arabic) at a level appropriate to the students' experience. Nonlanguage courses should be chosen from at least three disciplines; ordinarily, no more than 20 credits toward the major should be taken in any one department. The major must include 20 credits at the 300 level, no more than 8 of which can be language credits. Students interested in Asian studies can find courses in the Departments of Art, Geography, History, International Relations, Politics, Religion, Sociology and Anthropology, and Women's Studies that will prepare them for advanced work in the major field. Students are expected to use the rich resources of the Five College area, both in selecting courses and using libraries. A complete list of Asian studies courses may be obtained from Five Colleges, Inc. Completing one year (8 credits) of Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, or Sanskrit language study
fulfills the Mount Holyoke College language requirement for students without previous experience in the language.

Asian Studies Minor

The minor consists of 16 credits in Asian studies at the 200 level or higher, with 4 of these credits at the 300 level. Courses should come from at least two disciplines. One year of an Asian language is required. All 100-level courses in Asian languages and culture are appropriate for first-year students. Many 200-level courses may also be appropriate; please consult the instructor.

Comprehensive course listing for the Asian Studies Program is available on MHC's Online Course Catalogue.

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Study/Work Abroad

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Recommended Study Abroad Programs
Princeton in Beijing (PRC)
Associated Colleges in China (PRC)
Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies (PRC)
CET Academic Programs (PRC)
International Chinese Language Program at NTU (Taiwan)
Center For Chinese Language and Culture Studies (Taiwan)

Work Abroad Programs
Princeton in Asia
Council on International Educational Exchange

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