MCCL Annual Report 2011-2012

Current Committee Members

Students: Hilary Pollan ('12)

Staff: Catarina Cost-Wofford (Associate Dean, Admissions); Winnie Rivera-Vallejo (Sr. Administrative Assistant, Dean of the College's Office); Katrina Borowiec (Assistant Director, Institutional Research)

Faculty: Mark Lauer, Co-Chair (German Studies); Kate Singer (English); Kanae Haneishi (Physical Education and Athletics); Lori Hendricks (Lecturer of Physical Education and Athletics)

Administrators: Rene Davis (Dean of Students); Cerri Banks (Dean of the College and Vice President for Student Affairs); Gladys Moore, Co-Chair (Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life & Director of Diversity and Inclusion)

Mission, Tasks, and Responsibilities

Responsibilities and Authority

  1. This Committee shall determine its agenda by choosing among issues brought to it by students, faculty, and staff.
  2. Advise the Dean of the College on activities and policies fostering an inclusive community that respects group and individual differences, and that serves the intellectual, educational, and social needs of its members.
  3. Advise and oversee committees addressing all aspects of College life under the jurisdiction of the Dean of the College, including those that relate to the development of a more culturally diverse community life, and/or involving issues of student co-curricular and residential life.
  4. Review, monitor, and propose College policies to assure that all practices at Mount Holyoke are unbiased and to provide ongoing anti-bias education throughout the institution.
  5. Create permanent subcommittees, and temporary task forces and ad hoc committees when needed, and appoint Faculty, when needed, to serve as members or chairs of such entities.
  6. Receive, review, and act on reports from all subcommittees, ad hoc committees, and task forces under its jurisdiction.
  7. Maintain a list of current subcommittees, task forces, and ad hoc committees under its jurisdiction, and publish that list for the College community.
  8. Meet regularly with the Trustee Committee on Student Affairs.
  9. Solicit from the College community suggestions and concerns relevant to the Committee's charge.


The Committee shall meet regularly throughout the academic year; set up subcommittees, ad hoc committees, and task forces as appropriate; and act on reports and recommendations from all entities under its jurisdiction. One of these entities shall be a subcommittee on the inclusiveness program.

Meetings Schedule in 2011/2012

Throughout the academic year 2011/2012, the MCCL met approx. every second Tuesday to discuss developments on and around campus pertaining to our tasks as listed above.

Climate issues that fueled our discussions in our bi-weekly meetings were topics surrounding disability, international students, and student stress. We also discussed the Committee’s role in benchmarking and the assessment of the climate issues. Collecting and discussing information, feedback, and thoughts on these topics will also be part of our discussions next year.

As part of our meetings, we arranged for guest-visits from different entities on campus to raise questions and receive input on developments surrounding topics such as diversity and interactions of community members on campus. We received important feedback from Donna Van Handle (Senior Lecturer German and Dean of International Students) and Carol Stewart (Ombudsperson at MHC).

Event Organized by MCCL

In April 2012, the MCCL organized a film showing of The Grace Lee Project, a film directed by Grace Lee on questions of identity and stereotypes. As part of the showing, committee members developed a set of questions on issues of identity and community that were circulated among students subsequent to the film showing for further discussion. Even though only a small number of students attended (approx. 10 students in addition to the committee members), we felt that the discussion was fruitful and engaging.

Inclusiveness Initiatives Fund

Again, we spent a good deal of our time administering the Inclusiveness Initiatives Fund (IIF), which provides monies for projects that support diversity and dialogue about inclusiveness on and off the campus. As of 4/25/2012, the committee supported the following events (additional proposals will be reviewed on 5/3/2012):

Ying Wang Classical Chinese (YUE) Opera Performance $800
Faith Conant Ethnomusicology/Nani Agbeli Residency (Amherst) $425
Hilary Pollan '12 R. Minana Classrooms Communities Panel Series $1080
Kanae Haneishi Culture Shock in Athletics DVD $1200
Lena Zuckerwise The Intersections of Class, Race and Gender $1500
Layli Amerson '13 Interfaith Leadership Institute (Reg fees & travel to) $2000
Hailey Streibich '12 Lyon Bowl Flag Football Tournament $450
Daryl Beres Cultural Detective Workshop $600
Tyrra Minto '12 Hope for Haiti Discussion Night $200
Alexis Myers' 14 No Means No Talk $1700
Total IIF Funds Awarded $9955

Plans for 2011-2012

MCCL will continue to encourage, seed, and support initiatives that recognize both the particularity and complexity of identity. Our thematic focus of next year will be to address “Cultures of Stress.” We will encourage members of our community to share their thoughts on ways to alleviate stress on campus and the ways in which various cultures or groups respond to or understand pressures placed on students, faculty, and staff. IIF proposal surrounding this topic are highly encouraged, but potential funding will not be limited to proposals surrounding such questions.

The MCCL Committee looks forward to continuing our work with and among faculty, staff, and students to help foster a community that strives for inclusive excellence in all facets of our campus life.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Lauer
Co-Chair, MCCL