Public Safety Update

November 19, 2004

We would like to report that Public Safety has made great progress on the two investigations described by President Creighton in her November 15 letter to the community. During the these investigations we have consulted with the District Attorney’s office and we have worked with several area police departments.

In the vandalism incident at Blanchard, where a student’s art work was damaged, Public Safety has been interviewing witnesses and persons of interest to determine who was responsible for the acts committed. We are working with other campus Public Safety Departments and believe we have identified a possible suspect. More work continues on this investigation and once we positively identify the person responsible we will seek criminal complaints in the District Court. We continue to investigate this act of vandalism as a possible bias crime.

In the second incident, in which the student whose works were vandalized in Blanchard received an anonymous phone call that contained racial and sexual epithets, Public Safety has made substantial progress. The Department has applied for hearings to seek criminal charges against two suspects in court. These charges will include: making an annoying telephone call; accosting and annoying a person of the opposite sex; threat to commit a crime; and, assault to intimidate (a civil rights violation). The two individuals that we are seeking complaints against will be trespassed from campus.

Our investigations now indicate that the two incidents were not related. In addition, we have determined that the phone call under investigation was made from an off campus location.

We will continue our work on these two cases and we will update the community as new information becomes available. Further, President Creighton’s letter also noted that Public Safety has been investigating two other, unrelated bias incidents against members of our community. We can now report that we will be seeking a criminal complaint against a suspect who sent threatening, homophobic emails to one of our students.