Reporting Protocols for Students

Bias Response Network

The Bias Response Network consists of the offices/departments where students typically seek help with a bias incident/hate crime. These include: Campus Police, Residential Life, the Dean of Students office, the Counseling Service, and Health Services. All of these offices have 24-hour on call capacity.

Bias Incident Forms

Bias Incident Community Insensitivity Intake Form is available through the response network. Students can submit a complaint through offices of the bias response network so that students will be encouraged to have a face to face meeting with a member of the network who can help them to understand the process, their options, support services, etc. The completion of this form will be the first step for any students wanting to report a bias incident.

Students will have the option of submitting a Bias Incident form anonymously (similar to the sexual assault reporting form).

The Bias response team member will forward the intake form to the appropriate offices (Campus Police, if investigation is required, Dean of Students, Ombudsperson, Advocate if one is assigned). Depending on the incident and impact for the community, the Dean of Students may call together a subset of the “Bias Response Team” to meet to debrief the incident, consider next steps, delegate tasks, and discuss individual and community needs.

These reports are kept in a confidential space and are not a part of a student’s file.