Faculty Accomplishments May 2012

Faculty Accomplishments

 May 2012


Naoko Nemoto (Asian Studies) has received a grant from the Japan Foundation Japanese Language Institute, which will support her participation in an advanced training program for teachers of Japanese language in Japan in the fall.


Robert Shaw’s (English) recent book of poems, Aromatics, has been selected as a "must-read" book of 2011 in the latest Massachusetts Book Awards. The book will be added to a list of 2011 books that will be publicized at public libraries around the state. Ying Wang (Asian Studies) reports that all six Mount Holyoke students who participated in the Fourth Annual Five College Chinese Speech Contest held last Friday won prizes. This is the second year that all of our students have won prizes.


Ombretta Frau’s new book, Sottoboschi letterari, Sei case studies fra Otto e Novecento. Mara Antelling, Emma Boghen Conigliani, Evelyn, Anna Franchi, Jolanda, Flavia Steno, was published by Firenze University Press at the end of 2011. Co-written with Christina Gragnani, the book (as described by the publisher) “brings together essays about six female writers from the period between the last decade of the nineteenth century and the first world war.”

Shahrukh Rafi Khan (Economics), with Shaheen Rafi Khan, published “A rural support programme exit strategy: women filling vacated spaces and excelling in community development” in Development in Practice.