New Faculty

The Mount Holyoke College journey is tapestry of connections — to new friends, new experiences, new perspectives, new challenges, new spaces, new mentors, new collaborations. As true for students as for new faculty!

We are excited to welcome 10 faculty members — professors and lecturers — this fall, who are actively bringing their passions and pursuits to a classroom near you. Their scholarship and teaching is propelled by connections and relationships: Between music literacy and collective sound. Between nanomaterials and biological systems. Between sculpture and interactive engagement. Between photographic media and astronomy. Between social media and censorship. Between political theory and social movements. And ever so much more.

A common thread that drew these bright minds to campus? “The students I spoke with here were articulate, curious and insightful — a dream combination for any professor hoping to have lively conversations in the classroom.” Well said, Hannah Goodwin, assistant professor of film and media studies.

“My favorite aspect of teaching is making connections between different fields of study, as well as connecting course material to real-world application.”
Photo of Ali Aslam
“Mount Holyoke students have genuine stakes in their learning. I can detect those motivations driving their questions and fortifying their commitments.”
Photo of Hannah Goodwin
“Just when I’m settling into a particular conviction, a student will say something that opens up a whole new way of seeing things.”
Photo of Sabra Turner
“Fieldwork is the best part of being a cultural anthropologist. What a privilege it is to immerse oneself in a new context and learn how that world works.”
Photo of Ligia Bouton
“I encourage students to be fearless as they forge a deeply personal interdisciplinary practice and find independent solutions to visual problems.”
Photo of Jacquelyne Luce
“Offering space for students to develop and refine possibilities for critical thinking and engaged scholarship is an incredible privilege of teaching.”
Photo of Stephanie Council
“These students’ intellectual curiosity, alongside their commitment to making a positive impact in the world, is the ideal atmosphere for choral artistry.”
Photo of Meredith Coleman-Tobias
“I particularly enjoy when my classes help students create a bridge between their individual journeys and a collectivist sense of worldmaking.”
Photo of Patricia Brennan
“Lots of smart students on campus are interested in research opportunities and I look forward to collaborating with them to produce publishable results.”
Photo of Ayca Zayim
“Earning degrees in three countries has been a defining experience, one I bring into my classroom. I strive for an inclusive, multicultural environment.”