New Faculty 2021

Welcome to Shakia Johnson, Amanda Maciuba and Laurie Tupper, the newest members of the Mount Holyoke faculty, who bring their gifts, experience and passion to their work. 

“One of the great privileges of serving as dean of faculty is the opportunity to welcome new faculty into the community,” said Dorothy Mosby, interim dean of faculty. 

“I am excited to welcome Shakia, Laurie and Amanda as members of the faculty. Their areas of expertise and scholarship bring a new vision and creativity to our curriculum and will shape generations of students to come.”

Meet Mount Holyoke’s newest faculty for 2021.

Shakia Barron
“Students need a leader like myself, who is a Black female dance artist that creates work from the diaspora and based on my personal experiences.”
Amanda Maciuba
”I'm looking forward to working with fellow faculty and students in the Art Studio Department to expand the visibility of the arts on campus.”