Annual Travel Allowance

The Office of the Dean of Faculty provides an annual travel allowance for faculty traveling to conferences or professional meetings.

The maximum allowance for faculty listed in the official program as authors of papers or as composers of scores or as performers is $1,750.

The maximum travel allowance for faculty who attend conferences without presenting is $1,250.


Continuing faculty of all ranks and full-time visiting faculty members are eligible to be reimbursed for these travel expenses.  Faculty may attend or participate in more than one professional meeting per year, but the total travel reimbursement for all conferences may not exceed the maximum allowance.


All expenses must comply with purchasing and travel and reimbursement policies set out by the College.

Reimbursement will be provided upon receipt by the Dean of Faculty of appropriate documentation:

  1. Completed Travel and Entertainment Expense form
  2. Itemized receipts and proof of payment for all expenses
  3. A copy of the official conference program

Travel Reimbursement Tips

If traveling internationally:

    • Please complete a separate Travel and Entertainment form for each country.
    • If you paid expenses in a foreign currency, use your credit card statement to get the exact amount in USD, or use OANDA to convert foreign currency.
    For meals associated with travel:
      • Don't forget to keep both the itemized receipt showing what you ordered, as well as the credit card receipt showing the tip. You'll need both to be reimbursed.
      • The College will only reimburse for one alcoholic drink with each meal.
      • For travel reimbursed through the annual travel allowance or the faculty grants committee, you can use a per-diem amount instead of submitting receipts for your meals. The domestic per-diem is $35/day. The international per-diem is $45/day.

      Questions?  Call x3093.