Annual Reporting 2013-14

Annual reporting for academic departments and programs takes place each spring between May 1 and June 30.  There are several components, at the departmental and individual level, that make up the annual evaluation and reporting structure at Mount Holyoke.

Annual reporting includes:

  • Department/Program Annual Report
    • Submit two copies of the Annual Report, one to the Dean of Faculty and one to the President.
  • Senior Exit Interviews
    • Include the write-up in the Annual Report
    • Submit receipts (up to $100) for refreshments.
  • Search Reports (if applicable)
    • Search Reports must be submitted for any continuing faculty positions (tenure-track and lecturer-track), and any full-time, multi-year visiting positions (excepting contract renewals).
  • Annual Conversations with Tenure-Track and Non-Tenured Faculty
    • Submit Annual Conversations to the Dean of Faculty.
    • Include updated CV’s for each faculty member.
  • Individual Faculty Activity and Service Summaries (FASS)
    • Each individual faculty member must complete the form on MyMountHolyoke.
    • Once completed, electronic copies will be sent to the chair and the Dean of Faculty.
    • Faculty should also send updated CV’s to the Dean of Faculty.
  • Performance Evaluations for Department Staff
    • Submit the evaluation to Human Resources.

For a copy of the 2013-14 guidelines, please contact the Dean of Faculty's office.

Materials may be submitted in hardcopy or electronically via email to

Due date for all materials: June 30, 2014

Please remind your colleagues to update their online faculty profiles. If they have not already established a profile, please contact Michelle Ducharme in Communications.