Annual Requests for 2012-2013

By June 30, 2013 please send the following information to the Office of the Dean of Faculty:

Department Annual Report
Please refer to the updated guidelines for the report format. A copy of your report should be sent to the President and the Dean of Faculty.

Faculty Activity and Service Summary - Expected to be Available May 31, 2013
Individual faculty will file this report electronically for the 2012-2013 academic year. More information will be sent via email when the report is available.

Annual Conversations with Tenure-Track and Other Non-Tenured Faculty
(Several departments also hold annual conversations with multi-year visiting faculty.)

Conversation with Senior Majors

Search Report
If you had a search for a continuing appointment and have not already sent it in, please refer to these guidelines.

Please remind your colleagues to update their online faculty profiles. If they have not already established a profile, please contact Michelle Ducharme in Communications.