Faculty Committees

Faculty Committees 2013-2014

Academic Administrative Board
Sarah Adelman, III, 2011-2014 (leave fall); Fred McGinness, III, 2013-2014 (fall only); Nigel Alderman, I, 2011-2014; Rachel Fink, II, 2013-2016,
Dean of the College, Registrar, Class Deans.

Academic Priorities Committee (elected)
Katherine Aidala, II, 2011-2015 (chair); Don Weber, I, 2010-2014; Ying Wang, I, 2013-2017; Preston Smith, III, 2013-2017; Larry Schipull, I, 2013-2017; Dean of Faculty, Dean of the College, 2 students.

Advisory Committee On Admissions And Financial Aid (elected)
Sohail Hashmi, I, 2012-2015 (chair); Michelle Markley, II, 2013-2016; Erika Rundle, III, 2011-2014; Donna Van Handle, I, 2011-2014; Vice President for Enrollment & College Relations, Director of Financial Assistance, Dean of Admission, 2 students.

Advisory Committee On Appointments, Reappointments, And Promotions (elected)
Vincent Ferraro, III, 2011-2015 (leave fall); Kavita Khory, III, 2013-2014 (fall only); Robin Blaetz, I, 2013-2017; Elizabeth Young, I, 2011-2015; Steve Dunn, II, 2012-2016 (leave fall); Mark Peterson, II, 2013-2014 (fall only); Craig Woodard, II, 2013-2017; Dean of Faculty, President.

Advisory Committee On Multicultural Community And College Life (elected)
Lori Hendricks, II, 2011-2014; Mark Lauer, I, 2010-2013 (leave year); Iyko Day, I, 2013-2016; Kate Singer, I , 2011-2014 (leave fall);  Suparna Roychoudhury, I, 2013-2014; Mary Renda, III, 2012-2015 (co-chair); Katrina Borowiec, Assistant Director, Institutional Research, 2011-2014 (co-chair); Erica DeBlase, Counseling Service Clinician, 2012-2015; Angelica Castro, CAUSE Advisor/CBLS Assistant Coordinator, 2012-2015; Dean of the College, Dean of Students, Assistant Dean of Students, 3 students.

Committee On Appeals (elected)
Roger Babb, I, 2012-2015; David Sanford, I, 2012-2015 (leave year); Wei Chen, I, 2013-2014; Joan Cocks, III, 2011-2014; Maria Gomez, II, 2011-2014 (leave year); Joshua Roth, III, 2013-2014; Robert Shaw, I, 2011-2014; Steven Schmeiser, III, 2012-2015.

Committee on Fellowships (appointed)
Elizabeth Young, I, 2013-2016; Jeffrey Knight, II, 2011-2014; Kavita Datla, III, 2012-2015 (leave year); Kavita Khory, III, 2013-2014.

 Subcommittee on Fulbright ETA:   Dorothy Mosby, I, 2013-2014; Sandra Lawrence, III, 2013-2016.

 Subcommittee on Fulbright Research:  Michael Penn, I, 2013-2016; Erika Rundle, III, 2013-2016; Stan Rachootin, II, 2012-2015.

Committee On The Health Professions (appointed)        7-12 members serving 3 year renewable terms:
Kathy Binder, III, 2011-2014; Stan Rachootin, II, 2011-2014; Will Millard, III, 2012-2015; Mark Peterson, II, 2012-2015; Jeffrey Knight, II,  2013-2016; Darren Hamilton, II, 2013-2016; Rachel Fink, II, 2013-2016.

Faculty Affirmative Action Committee (elected)
Mara Breen, III, 2013-2016; Naoko Nemoto, I, 2013-2016; Jeff Knight, II, 2012-2015, Dean of Faculty.

Faculty Committee On Planning And Budgeting (elected)
Tim Farnham, I, 2011-2015 (chair); Eva Paus, III, 2012-2016; Ken Tucker, III, 2012-2016; James Harold, I, 2012-2016; Dylan Shepardson, II, 2013-2017, Dean of Faculty, Associate Dean of Faculty, Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Faculty Conference Committee (elected)
Barbara Lerner, II, 2011-2015 (leave year); Elizabeth Markovits, III, 2010-2014 (chair); Stephen Jones, I, 2012-2016 (leave fall); Lee Bowie, I, 2011-2015; Katherine Schmeiser, III, 2012-2016; Gary Gillis, II, 2013-2017; Nigel Alderman, I, 2013-2014 (fall only).

Faculty Grants Committee (elected)
Andrew Reiter, III, 2013-2016; Nieves Romero-Diaz, I, 2013-2016;
Katherine Ballantine, II, 2013-2016; Kavita Datla, III, 2011-2014 (leave year); Sandra Lawrence, III, 2013-2014;Dean of Faculty.

Institutional Review Board (appointed)
Kathy Binder, III (chair);
Cheryl Lee, III; Joshua Roth, III; Alison Donta-Venman, Father Richard Bondi.

LITS Advisory Committee (elected)
Audrey St, John, II, 2013-2016; Amina Steinfels, I, 2011-2014 (leave year); Desmond Fitz-Gibbon, I, 2013-2014; Margaret Robinson, II, 2011-2014; Bob Schwartz, III, 2012-2015; Justin Crumbaugh, I, 2012-2015; Dean of Faculty, Chief Officer and Executive Director of LITS, 2 students.

Marshals (appointed)
Al Werner, II, 2013-2015; Lisa Ballesteros, II, 2013-2016; Nieves Romero Diaz, I, 2013-2016.

College Planning Committee (elected)
Renae Brodie, II, 2011-2014 (leave fall); Lucas Wilson, III, 2011-2014 (leave spring); Sarah Bacon, II, 2013-2014; Karen Remmler, I, 2012-2016.