Internal Grants Funding

Through the Office of the Dean of Faculty, the College provides funding each year to support research and other creative activities undertaken by the faculty of Mount Holyoke.

Proposals are reviewed and awarded through a competitive process using established guidelines and online application forms.  This internal grants program is overseen by the Faculty Grants Committee composed of four elected faculty representatives from the three divisions and the Dean of Faculty as an ex officio member.  Review the guidelines carefully for eligibility, restrictions, and application forms. 

Applicants are also expected to seek financial support from sources outside the College when applying for fellowships and grants.


Continuing faculty of all ranks and full-time, visiting faculty are eligible to apply for Faculty Grants and Research Assistance Grants.  The Faculty Fellowship program is being phased out and has limited eligibility.

Types of Awards

There are two kinds of Faculty Fellowships. Endowed Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to tenure-track or tenured faculty who are on scholarly leave without pay.  The original fellowship program is being phased out and has limited eligibility.  Faculty who have not yet transitioned to the new sabbatical schedule and pre-tenure faculty hired prior to July 1, 2014 are eligible to apply, and must be receiving reduced pay during the period of leave.  

Faculty Research Support Grants provide funding to help defray costs of publication, travel, and other important expenses related to carrying on research.  (Before applying for travel to go to conferences, faculty must exhaust their annual travel allowance.) Faculty members may receive a maximum of one Research Support award per year.

Research Assistance Grants provide funding to pay students to work as research assistants on faculty research projects.  (These funds cannot be used to support a student's independent research or student travel.)  Faculty members may receive a maximum of one Research Assistance award per year.

Capstone Grants provide funding to faculty who are currently in phased retirement, or with signed retirement agreements, for multi-year capstone or legacy projects.

Emeriti Research Fund provides support for the scholarly and creative activities of retired faculty. Emeriti are eligible to apply for, and receive 1 grant per year, up to a maximum of $1,000 for funding for travel to conferences or research expenses.


Faculty Fellowship proposals are due Monday, January 14, 2019.  

There are three rounds to submit proposals to the other grant categories: Monday, September 24, 2018; Monday, January 14, 2019 and Monday, April 22, 2019.

Faculty Grants Committee

  • Div I: Corinne Demas, 2016-2019
  • Div II: Barbara Lerner, 2016-2019 (on leave fall semester); Ken Colodner, fall 2018
  • Div III: Steve Schmeiser, 2016-2019
  • Interdisciplinary: Kate Ballantine, 2018-2021
  • Dean of Faculty

The work of Faculty Grants Committee is supported, in part, by the College's Office of Foundation Relations and Sponsored Research.  For general questions, contact Dyan Wiley, Associate Director by email or by calling x2204.

Processing Grant Funds

Please submit requests for reimbursement or payment of invoices to Julie Russell who works in the Office of the Dean of Faculty.  Be sure to include all required documentation and receipts per the College’s reimbursement policies.  For example, a completed Travel and Entertainment Expense Report form should be submitted with all materials and receipts.  Reimbursements not associated with travel should be submitted with a completed Check Request Form and requisite materials and receipts.  Invoices to be paid directly should include your printed name, a signature, and date.  2017-18 awarded funds are available to grant recipients until June 30, 2020. 2018-19 awarded funds will be available until June 30, 2021.