Research Support Grants

Faculty Research Grants provide funding to help defray costs of publication, travel, and other important expenses related to carrying on research.

A total of $130,000 is available for faculty research grants. In past years, the average award was under $2,500. On rare occasions higher awards were made.  Funds,however, are limited so the maximum award will not likely not exceed $3,000 and partial funding may also be awarded if demand is high.  

The committee's goal is to make the work possible, not to cover every expense. Lean proposals and those involving cost-sharing are viewed more favorably.  Faculty are asked to also pursue external sources of funding.   If you plan to submit a request for a larger than average amount, you must review it with the Dean of Faculty in advance by briefly outlining your idea in an email to


Continuing faculty of all ranks and full-time, visiting faculty are eligible to submit proposals for Research Support Grants.  No retroactive requests are granted (such as reimbursing expenses associated with a previously attended conference or completed scholarly work).  Grants may be used only while the recipient is under contract to Mount Holyoke College. Applicants can only receive   one of these grants per academic year.  If you know your needs for support, It is recommended that you apply as far in advance as you can.


The Faculty Grants Committee judges proposals on the significance of the stated goals, the feasibility of the project, and the expected product or outcome.  The Faculty Grants Committee is an interdisciplinary group, so your proposal should be written for scholars who are not specialists in your field.  An application consists of the following information:

  1. A brief description of the proposed project
    1. If you are requesting travel funds, explain how this travel would further your scholarly work.  (IMPORTANT: If requested funds are for travel to a conference, include a statement that you have exhausted  your annual travel allowance, or describe your travel plans to use them before using these grant funds, if awarded.)  Documentation of prospective costs (registration, lodging, etc) must be included in your budget.
    2. If you are requesting support for publication costs, explain why the venue for publication was chosen, especially if you are seeking funds for Open Access fees.
    3. If prior College support has been awarded for the same project, include a statement of what was accomplished with that prior support
  2. A detailed budget (Please see the list of allowable and non-allowable expenses below.)
  3. Information on other support for project or a statement that no such support is available
  4. Any other documentation to support your request (e.g. conference program, invitation/acceptance letters for conferences, invoices for page charges, etc.)

All grant expenses must comply with purchasing and travel and reimbursement policies set out by the College.

Common expenses supported through research grants include:

  • Travel or housing costs associated with research and other professional work
  • Supplementary conference travel (when Annual Travel Allowance has been exhausted)
  • Specialized software or data products not already available through LITS
  • Photocopying and transcription fees
  • Outside laboratory expenses for analytical work that cannot be done at Mount Holyoke (e.g., radiocarbon dating, tissue analysis)
  • Expenses associated with an original publication with a publisher agreement in place.
    • Such charges might include fees for open access, indexing, proofreading, illustrations, and copy editing, as well as subventions;
    • Priority is given to peer-reviewed publications; the Committee does not normally subsidize self-published works (including catalogues), revisions or reprinting of previously published work, or translations of previously published work from its original language.
    • The Committee may consider exceptional circumstances and applicants should inquire about such requests well before the grant deadline by contacting Dyan Wiley ( in the Foundation Relations office.
    • To ensure compliance with IRS regulations, the College must pay for publication services directly. Grant recipients should submit invoices to the Dean of Faculty's office for processing instead of paying the service provider and seeking reimbursement.)

The following expenses are not supported:

  • Supplemental or summer salary
  • Course-related expenses and curriculum development projects
  • professional development such as language or data analysis study
  • Disposable supplies (these should be routinely paid for using departmental budgets)
  • Student travel, stipends or wages (Student wages can be requested through the Research Assistance Grants.  Students can request travel funds through the Dean of the College's office.)
  • Honoraria for speakers/visitors to campus


There are three deadlines annually. Applications are due online by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, September 24, 2018, Monday, January 14, 2019, and  Monday, April 22, 2019.

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