Tenure Guidelines

*Updates to the 2013-14 version of the Tenure, Reappointment and Promotion Guidelines are expected by August 1, 2013.

Tenure Guidelines (pdf)

Deadline for receipt of material in the Office of the Dean of Faculty: October 3, 2012

For all personnel recommendations to be reviewed by the Advisory Committee, we request that one copied set (three-hole punched) and one electronic version of material plus the original be submitted to our office. Please note that copies of supporting material such as articles and nine books should be submitted as well.

The department must provide the following material:

  1. Departmental Recommendation Summary
  2. Curriculum Vitae - Use form and order as follows:
    • Department
    • Name of Candidate
    • Education:  Degrees, Dates Received, Institutions
    • Teaching Experience (most recent first): Mount Holyoke College, Other Institutions
    • Compositions, Performances, Publications, Works of Art: Provide full citations and give most recent first
    • Lectures and Papers Delivered
    • Professional Organizations and Activities
    • Other Relevant Experience            
  3. Copies of all Activities and Services Summaries filed by the candidate in prior years – please arrange in chronological order (earliest first).
  4. A copy of each Summary of Annual Conversation between the candidate and the department chair for years prior to the recommendation – please arrange in chronological order (earliest first).  Where applicable, please include a copy of any responses from the candidate to the chair.   Be sure that annual conversation summaries have been signed by all who attended.
  5. Department Recommendation including supporting material and any dissenting views which members of the department may wish to submit when unanimity is lacking.  In making recommendations, the department should consider carefully each of the criteria stated as College policy in the Handbook of Faculty Legislation.  Care should be taken to follow the procedures described.  The department should indicate the process of consultation followed within the department about each recommendation, the amount of information made available to those on leave and the degree of their involvement in the decision process.  The information provided about the candidate should cover the full period of the time he or she has spent at Mount Holyoke.  Any documents submitted in earlier years should be resubmitted if the department wishes these to be included in the present review.  The Advisory Committee and the President may also review materials from earlier years should they feel it necessary.
  6. A Statement from the Candidate discussing (1) scholarly/professional plans for the next five years in relationship to past scholarly/professional activities, and (2) ideas about future and past contributions to the curriculum, and to other aspects of the life of the department and of the College.
  7. Sample of letter written by department chair requesting outside evaluation.
  8. Biographical information on outside evaluators.  A CV is acceptable.
  9. Letters from Evaluators outside of Mount Holyoke.  At least some of these must come from persons not suggested by the candidate.  The department must indicate whether or not an evaluator is acquainted with the person being reviewed, whether the candidate or the department proposed the evaluator, and the reason for his or her selection. Outside letters should be on letterhead and signed (not an email printout).   For additional guidance please refer to "Advice About Selecting and Using External Evaluations".
  10. Letters are encouraged from departments or programs with which the candidate is affiliated, formally or informally, whether or not required by legislation.
  11. All other Supporting Data considered by the department, including publications, audio- and videotapes, slides of works of art, etc.  Syllabi are helpful though not required.

The Dean of Faculty's office will provide tabbed binders to aid in the submission of the materials. If you have any administrative questions on this process, or want to arrange pick up of your binders, please call the office at ext. 2858 for assistance. The Dean of Faculty will be available for consultation on any questions.

In addition to the above, the Office of the Dean of Faculty will provide to the Advisory Committee:Student Evaluations of Teaching for all semesters prior to the recommendation with the exception of the first semester of teaching at Mount Holyoke unless the candidate has returned first semester evaluations.