For Emeriti Faculty

Support for Scholarly and Professional Development

Office Space (Emeriti House).  An emeriti-only, shared office space is located on the first floor of 1 Woodbridge.  The Emeriti House includes a seminar room, a reading room, six desks (one of which can be adjusted to standing height) with accessible standard and USB plugs, two computers and a multi-function scanner/printer/copier, access to the College's wifi, and kitchenette.  For first time users, or for questions about the Emeriti House, please contact the Dean of Faculty's office.

Emeriti Research Fund.  Overseen by the Faculty Grants Committee, the Emeriti Research Fund provides support for the scholarly and creative activities of retired faculty.  Emeriti are eligible to apply for a maximum of $1,500 each year for funding for travel to conferences or research expenses.  Please visit the Faculty Grants Committee's website for the guidelines, application form, and due dates.

Emeriti Seminar Funds.  The Dean of Faculty’s office provides up to $1,000 per year to the Emeriti Advisory Committee for seminars at which emeriti faculty members can convene to present and share advice on academic and college activities. To plan a seminar or other even for emeritus faculty, please contact the Emeriti Advisory Committee.

Foundation Relations and Sponsored Research.  Retired faculty interested in applying for external grants should contact the Office of Sponsored Research, which provides assistance in obtaining funding for research or artistic projects from foundations, corporations, and federal agencies.

Teaching at Mount Holyoke.  The College has established a professor emeritus rate ($10,000 per course) for those retired faculty who return to teach at Mount Holyoke.  Emeriti are eligible to teach one course per year upon the invitation of a department or program.  Courses must be approved as part of the regular staffing request process.

Auditing Courses at Mount Holyoke.  Emeriti are eligible to audit one course per semester at Mount Holyoke.  To learn more about auditing courses, or to apply to use this benefit, please see the information on the Registrar's website, call them at 413-538-2025, or email them.

Five College Learning in Retirement (LIR).  The 5CLIR program offers member-designed and moderated seminars, sponsoring as many as 50 seminars each year.  Membership is required.