Faculty and Residency Positions

Mount Holyoke is committed to bringing together a team of faculty whose teaching, advising, and scholarship brings the academic program to life. In addition to traditional faculty positions, we also offer several other categories.

Open Positions

Interested in joining our amazing team of faculty members?  Visit the Mount Holyoke College job site. Learn more about benefits for Mount Holyoke faculty here.

Innovation Hires

Innovation hires are a new category of position at Mount Holyoke that invites candidates to join the faculty community to shape innovative directions in curriculum.

Fellowship Programs and Residencies

Mount Holyoke offers the following programs:

  • Mount Holyoke Fellowship Program
    As a member of the Consortium for Faculty Diversity, Mount Holyoke offers dissertation and post-doctoral fellowships to those who will contribute to increasing diversity at Mount Holyoke.
  • Research Associate Program
    Research Associates are qualified individuals seeking a connection with Mount Holyoke to further their research or academic agenda.
LCA Postings

A listing of current LCAs.