Faculty Benefits

Fringe Benefit Summary for Faculty

The information below provides a fringe benefit summary for faculty positions. Some benefits apply only to tenure-track/tenured faculty or full-time visitors. More information is available for current faculty on the dean of faculty resource site on my.mtholyoke. Please contact the Office of the Dean of Faculty with any questions.

Research Support

Faculty Grants

All continuing faculty and full-time visitors are eligible to apply. The Faculty Grants Committee awards funds in support of research or creative activities. Please visit the committee's website for more information on the type of funding available, how to apply and deadlines for proposals. There are three deadlines each academic year; faculty may only be awarded one grant of each type per year.  

Annual Conference Allowance

The Office of the Dean of Faculty provides an annual conference allowance for faculty attending conferences or professional meetings. Continuing faculty of all ranks and full-time visiting faculty members are eligible to be reimbursed for these conference expenses

Sabbatical Leaves (Tenure-track and Tenured Faculty Only)

For assistant professors prior to receiving tenure, are eligible for a a one-semester sabbatical at full salary after six semesters of full-time teaching and a successful reappointment review. 

Newly-tenured associate professors are eligible for a one-semester sabbatical at full salary after six more semesters of full-time teaching and a successful tenure review.

Thereafter, associate and full professors are eligible to apply for a one-semester sabbatical leave at full salary after eight semesters of full-time teaching (or a year-long sabbatical leave after sixteen semesters).

All sabbatical leave requests are subject to review and require approval of the dean of faculty. Scholarly or non-scholarly leaves of absence may be arranged through consultation with the department chair and the dean of faculty. More information about sabbaticals and other leaves is available on the dean of faculty resource site on my.mtholyoke.

Upon recommendation of the department chair and with the approval of the dean of faculty, senior lecturers may occasionally be granted sabbatical in the first year of their first five-year contract. Senior lecturers may apply for subsequent sabbaticals at the same intervals as those specified for tenured faculty (pro-rated in accordance with their FTE).

New Faculty Programs

Mount Holyoke provides a number of programs to help new faculty in their growth as teachers, scholars, and community members. Visit our faculty mentoring page to learn more.

Health, Disability, and Life Insurance

Medical and Dental Insurance

A choice of three insurance products (HMO Blue, HMO Blue New England, and Blue Care Elect PPO) through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts. The College offers a choice of two separate dental plans. Dental Blue and Dental Blue with Orthodontics are offered separately through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Current costs and other information is available online.

Coverage for Major Disabilities

Mount Holyoke College provides full salary for the first six months of medical disability for faculty who are eligible for the long-term disability plan; after that, pending claim approval, a monthly income benefit is provided; 40% of the faculty member's basic monthly earnings, to a maximum monthly benefit of $6,666. Other options available for purchase. Benefits would begin after 180 consecutive days of disability.

Group Life Insurance, Accidental Death Insurance and Dismemberment

Base plan provided by the College. Equal to one times annual salary with a minimum of $15,000 to a maximum of $25,000. Additional coverage available in increments of 1-5X salary to a maximum of $500,000.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Two accounts are available: Health Care and Dependent Care.


Retirement Annuity Plan

Defined contribution plan (403(b)). All faculty are eligible to make voluntary contributions to the retirement plan upon hire. Faculty are eligible to receive the College's contribution to retirement after one year of service. Faculty may be immediately eligible to receive the College's contribution if their most recent employer is another higher education institution and they were eligible to participate in that institution's retirement plan. (Certification from the former institution is required.) Participation is mandatory upon completion of eligibility requirements. Employees are required to contribute 5% of base salary over $3,333.33 a month ($40,000 in a calendar year). The College contribution is 10.5% of regular base annual salary. 


Academic Career Network (For Partners and Spouses)

Mount Holyoke College is a member of the Academic Career Network (ACN), a resource for dual-career couples which includes the Five Colleges and several other colleges and universities within commuting distance.

Maternity, Paternity, and Adoptive Leave

Parental leave is available to members of the teaching faculty holding a permanent, continuing (tenure-track/tenured or lecturer/senior lecturer) position immediately after the start of their contract; it is available to full-time visiting faculty starting in their second consecutive year of service and who will be under contract with Mount Holyoke for the duration of the leave. Eligible faculty may receive a reduction of two courses to be taken either during a single semester or to be spread over two consecutive semesters without loss of salary or benefits.

Child Care

Child care facilities for infants through school-age children are available next to campus at the Gorse Children's Centerat StonyBrook. The center is administered by Bright Horizons and gives admission preference to children of the MHC community. For rates and policies, please phone 413-533-9819.

Tuition at Mount Holyoke

Mount Holyoke College has a tuition waiver program for dependent, eligible children of full-time employees with five years of service. If the child accepted as a full-time undergraduate student, tuition will be waived. (For dependent children of part-time employees, tuition will be waived after the completion of the equivalent of five years of full-time service.)

In addition, Mount Holyoke offers a study benefit to members of the faculty and their spouses or same sex domestic partners and dependent children who take courses at Mount Holyoke. One course (4 credits) per semester may be taken for credit. Tuition will be waived.

Tuition at Other Colleges

Dependents of qualified employees may apply for the Tuition Exchange program after the completion of five years of service (five years of service for full-time and the equivalent of five years of service for part-time employees). This program provides for tuition at additional colleges and universities. More information can be found on the Tuition Exchange website.

Tuition reimbursement is also available for higher education courses taken for credit at other accredited institutions and for credit-bearing courses offered by Mount Holyoke’s Professional and Graduate Education (PAGE) program.  

Additional Educational Benefits

More information about these and other education benefits can be found here.


Transition Allowance for New Faculty (Full-time Faculty Only)

The Office of the Dean of Faculty will assist with moving costs for new faculty who must change their residence to accept employment at Mount Holyoke College. Faculty whose appointments are full-time and for at least one academic year will be reimbursed according to the following schedule:

    up to $900, if the move is between 50 and 300 miles
    up to $1,200, if the move is over 300 miles, but less than 1,000 miles
    up to $2,400, if the move is over 1,000 miles, but less than 2,000 miles
    up to $4,800, if the move is over 2,000 miles 

Faculty Rental Housing (All Eligible Faculty)

Available as space permits to new full-time faculty and certain administrative personnel. Eligible faculty should contact the Rental Housing Office for more information.

Mortgage Plan for Home Ownership (Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty Only)

The College offers a shared appreciation mortgage (SAM) for faculty purchasing homes or condominiums in South Hadley.