Faculty Seminars

The Dean of Faculty seeks to support and promote the faculty’s interest in working together and sharing and discussing scholarly interests.  Faculty seminars offer time for colleagues across the disciplines to come together and can include a variety of activities such as guest visits, presentations on scholarly work-in-progress, curricular/pedagogical workshops, co-sponsorship of programming with other seminars or campus-based projects, connections to larger campus and institutional initiatives, etc.

Proposals for faculty seminars may be sent to the Dean of Faculty’s office at any time during the year.  Seminars generally run during the academic year (September to May). 

The Dean of Faculty’s office provides funding for approved faculty seminars.  No more than 12 faculty may participate in a seminar.  Faculty leaders of the seminar will receive a stipend of $1,000 (maximum of two).  Stipends of $500 are available for seminar participants.  Up to $500 will be provided for refreshments during meetings, or for an end-of-the-seminar meeting.  Additional funding may be available for activities associated with the seminar (i.e., expenses for speakers, special materials supporting seminar discussion, etc.); a budget for such expenses should be included in the seminar proposal.

Please include the following information in the proposal:

  • Title/Topic of Seminar
  • Description of the organization and purpose of the seminar
  • Expected number of meetings
  • Name(s) of the seminar leader(s)
  • List of faculty members who have agreed to participate
  • Budget of projected expenditures for activities proposed (i.e., expenses for speakers, meeting refreshments, special materials supporting seminar discussion, etc.)
  • Indicate any outcomes emerging from the seminar (publications, conference presentations, book proposals, collaborative scholarship/research, grant proposals, new/revised courses or other curricular projects, etc.)

Upon completion of the faculty seminar, a final report of the group’s activities and any outcomes/recommendations is due to the Dean of Faculty’s office by June 30 and will be published in Faculty Meeting materials.

Five Colleges, Inc. also provides some funding for Five College faculty seminars.