Innovation Hires

What are Innovation Hires?

Innovation hires are a new category of position at Mount Holyoke that invites candidates to join the faculty community to shape innovative directions in curriculum.

Innovation hires begin as four-year contracts but are budgeted as regular tenure-track lines and the process of faculty development and review is identical to those of tenure-track candidates, with reappointment after three years. At this point the curricular innovation itself will also be reviewed. 

Why Innovation Hires?

Mount Holyoke has a vibrant interdisciplinary culture of faculty cooperation and an institutional commitment to sustainable forms of experimentation in curricular directions and organizational forms. Innovation Hires represent one strategy directed to these goals. As our recently successful Mellon grant described them, Innovation hires offer a way to initiate faculty-led change while preserving core commitments to academic freedom and faculty autonomy in the traditional liberal arts. 

What's innovative about Innovation Hires?

Innovation Hires are a strategy for building upon the creativity and imagination we see in our regular allocations process by inviting more collaborative, and sometimes more risky proposals for faculty lines. Innovation hires may be innovative in several different ways.

  • They may spur collaboration by weaving together disparate threads across several academic fields to enliven and expand existing offerings.
  • They may add an entirely new field of inquiry that makes possible new courses, majors, and minors, in connection with existing programs of study.
  • They may explore a completely new field by creating courses that build on a research collaboration or which address a perceived need.

For details about specific Innovation Hires, please refer to the position descriptions posted through the MHC Jobs site.