New Faculty 2017

Meet the faculty who joined the Mount Holyoke Community in 2017.

They bring expertise in computer science, the philosophy of physics, soundscape engineering and the feminist scholarship of Jewish studies. They study physical education and physics, theater arts and art studio, computer science and biological sciences, Asian studies and Latino/a and Latin American studies — and so much more.

Christopher Mitchell, Assistant Professor of International Relations and Politics
“I’m very excited about being able to forge direct connections with the students I teach, and to teach bright students in a small-class environment.”
Nina Emery
“I came to MHC for the opportunity to teach such a diverse group of brilliant undergraduates and work on a campus with such a strong sense of community.”
Kyae-Sung Park Configure Five College Lecturer in Korean
"I am very proud of my students who begin with little or no knowledge in Korean and become fluent Korean speakers."
Valerie Barr, Chair of Computer Science; Jean E. Sammet Professor of Computer Science
“I look forward to charting new territory as we build connections across campus between computer science and other fields.”
André White, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
“The opportunity to teach a diverse student body is very appealing. I was a student of color and supportive faculty were integral to my development.”
Thomas Ciufo, Assistant Professor of Music
“I’ve always been drawn to music and sound. My fundamental engagement with listening to and creating sound informs my work, research and teaching.”
Thomas Ciufo, Assistant Professor of Music
“Economics is a great tool for understanding why environmental problems arise and what policies can be used to overcome them.”
Ren-yo Hwang
“I am excited that Mount Holyoke is sharpening a practice and vision towards supporting scholarship that is oriented toward social justice.”
Vanessa Rosa
“Sharing the classroom with Mount Holyoke students and getting to know them around campus has been a gift and transformed me as a teacher and a scholar.”
John Tawa, Assistant Professor of Psychology
“I’m interested in what gives rise to prejudice, what causes people to draw boundaries and create positive, healthy relationships across groups.”
Spencer Smith Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics
“I grew up around art so I view physics through an aesthetic lens. The beauty of the equations. You can explain so much with such a small set of ideas.”
Rick Feldman Visiting Lecturer, Entrepreneurship, Organizations, and Society
“Mount Holyoke has a wonderful environment of collaboration, collegiality and exchange of ideas among faculty, students and staff.”
Mara Benjamin, Irene Kaplan Leiwant Associate Professor of Jewish Studies
“It’s exciting to have the opportunity to make the case for the relevance of Jewish studies in a truly multicultural environment.”
Rebeccah Lijek, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
“Witnessing someone learn something — to go from not understanding to understanding — is one of life’s greatest pleasures.”
Photo of Gina Siepel
“I like that Mount Holyoke students are integrating their liberal arts curiosities and criticality with their artistic work.”