New Faculty 2019

Arriving in South Hadley from around the country and around the world, these new faculty members bring innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship to the College’s thriving intellectual community.

“We’re excited to welcome a highly talented, productive, and creative new group of faculty to our scholarly and teaching community,” said Jon Western, vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty. “We welcome them to Mount Holyoke.”

Lidia Mrad
“Education changes lives. My life is an example of that. I want to be able to help students achieve what I was able to.”
Barbie Diewald
“Mount Holyoke students are willing to question why you’re doing the steps, what the context is. They ask questions instead of trying to get answers.”
Andrea Lawlor Visiting Lecturer in English
“Mount Holyoke students are politically engaged, critical thinkers. They’re earnest and hardworking and they care about books.”
Noah Tuleja
“Students here expect themselves to be deeper thinkers than you might have at an acting conservatory. I love that.”
Chassidy Bozeman
“I chose to come here because there are a lot of students here who may not see many people that look like them doing math. It’s important that they do.”
Adam Hilton, Visiting Lecturer in Politics
“What I love about teaching is the challenge and the opportunity to do for students what teachers did for me. I felt inspired and motivated.”
Marta Sabariego
“What drew me is how everything that we love and cherish, fear and dread, laugh at or cry about is a result of our ability to form memories.”
Shakia Johnson
“The students are super eager to learn more, and to bring what they’re learning in dance class into their other classes. They’re really invested.”
Erica Lemm
“I look forward to working closely with student athletes on a campus that empowers women and others. This is a great place to do exactly that.”
Adriana Pitetta
“Our students stand up for each other. They take positions. They’re committed to their communities and they’re committed to the community of the College.”
Marie Ozanne
“I like it when somebody comes to me with a problem and I can figure out how to use statistics to solve it.”
Jen Matos
“The best part about Mount Holyoke is the students and how much they want to have authentic dialogues with each other across race and across difference.”
Jinhwa Chang
“I like to contribute to students’ lifelong ability to communicate. It’s rewarding to open their minds to a new language and culture.”
Abhilash Medhi
“I enjoy teaching and I really like Mount Holyoke’s small class sizes. Pedagogy becomes more important. I get to know students. And it helps my research.”