Dorothy E. Mosby

Interim Dean of Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Mary E. Woolley Professor of Spanish

Dorothy E. Mosby is the chief academic officer at Mount Holyoke College. She is responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership for the College’s academic mission and for supporting the 35 academic departments and programs; Library, Information, and Technology Services; academic centers; and the academic support offices, including the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Student Success and Advising, and the Teaching and Learning Initiative.

Dorothy Mosby, Associate Dean of Faculty

Gary Gillis

Norman Wait Harris and Emma Gale Harris Foundation Professor of Biological Sciences; Associate Dean of Faculty; Director of the Science Center

Gary Gillis is interested in the biomechanics and neuromuscular control of animal locomotion. He has worked on systems ranging from swimming fish to running mammals and has been involved in projects exploring plasticity in muscle function and the effects of body size on locomotor movements. Most recently his lab has been using toads to study the control of rapid deceleration during landing. In 2012 and 2013 Gillis served as a Program Officer for the National Science Foundation. Gillis is the point-person for summer student programming, federal grant submissions, and Faculty Fridays.

Gary Gillis, Associate Dean of Faculty

Christina Howe

Faculty Data and Information Manager

Encourages faculty recruitment and diversity by supporting faculty contracts and benefits. Maintains reporting consistency and integrity by managing faculty data. Contact Christina for: course evaluations, sabbaticals and leaves, faculty retirement, visitor requests, faculty contracts and faculty benefits.

Christina Griffin

Elizabeth K. Markovits

Associate Dean of Faculty; Professor of Politics; Director of the Teaching and Learning Initiative

Elizabeth Markovits teaches courses in political theory, ranging from ancient Greek thought to contemporary feminist and democratic theory. She is the author of Future Freedoms: Intergenerational Justice, Democratic Theory, and Ancient Greek Tragedy & Comedy (2018) and The Politics of Sincerity: Plato, Frank Speech, and Democratic Judgment (2008). She has published academic articles on rhetoric and politics, on Greek comedy and tragedy, and on women, carework, and democracy in the contemporary United States, as well as numerous op-eds. 

Elizabeth K. Markovits, Professor of Politics; Director of First-Year Seminars; Director of the Teaching and Learning Initiative

Lauren McKenna

Academic Affairs and Office Manager

Oversees events, major committees, and office management for the dean of faculty. Point person for review and allocations processes to ensure timely and comprehensive submissions. Contact Lauren for: Advisory Committee and procedures for reappointment, tenure, and promotion; Academic Priorities Committee and allocations requests; department external reviews; dean of faculty events; annual reporting; academic departments; faculty searches and Jobs@MHC website; department chairs and academic department coordinators.

Lauren McKenna

Diane Mulvaney

Academic Budget Manager

Ensures sustainable scholarly operations and activities by managing the academic budget. Contact Diane for: academic affairs budgets, personnel action forms (PAFs), budget projections, restricted funds and and Report2Web.

Diane Mulvaney

Colleen O’Connor-Rickey

Academic Policy and Communications Specialist

Bolsters transparency and community by coordinating dean of faculty communications and staffing faculty meeting. Contact Colleen for: dean of faculty newsletter, faculty meeting, dean of faculty and academic department websites, Faculty Conference Committee and committee service, emeriti faculty and faculty retirement celebration, faculty legislation, Susan B. and Peter R. Betzer '65 Fellowship, endowed chairs, donor reporting, and dean of faculty my.mtholyoke site.

Colleen O'Connor-Rickey

Julie Russell

Senior Administrative Assistant

Ensures efficient operations of the dean of faculty's office by managing office physical space and day-to-day functions. Contact Julie for: dean scheduling, conference room scheduling, dean of faculty listservs, reimbursement requests and Google sites.

Julie Russell