Search Procedures 2014 - 2015

This memo serves as a reminder of the various responsibilities, obligations, and guidelines for the conduct of a search and the subsequent hiring of a new faculty member. While many of these parts apply particularly to tenure-track and lecturer searches, they are also useful for other searches.


The Faculty has legislated some procedures for appointments, especially tenure-track appointments. Please refer to Section Seven, II, 1. and 2., in the Handbook of Faculty Legislation.

Affirmative Action

The College is committed to the elimination of all forms of discrimination--whether based on race, color, religion, age, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability. We have also committed ourselves to the active recruitment to our candidate pool of women and persons of color. The Dean of Faculty will have a (required) meeting in early August for search chairs and members of the Faculty Affirmative Action Committee. Experience has taught us that successful efforts to maximize the prospect of attracting qualified candidates of color begin early.


Prepare the advertisement describing the position for placement in appropriate professional publications and submit an advance copy for approval to the Once approved, the Dean's office will post on  The Dean’s staff will place the ad in the online edition of Inside Higher Ed and Higher Education Recruitment Consortium. You may then place the ad in appropriate professional and other journals. Post the advertisement so that students will know of the position and the recruitment, and notify other relevant departments and faculty about the search. We also encourage you to post the ad on your department or program website.

Every ad should include the following text:

Mount Holyoke is an undergraduate liberal arts college for women with 2,300 students and 220 faculty. Over half of the faculty are women; one-fifth are persons of color. It is located about 80 miles west of Boston in the Connecticut River valley, and is a member of the Five College Consortium consisting of Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges and the University of Massachusetts. Mount Holyoke is committed to fostering multicultural diversity and awareness in its faculty, staff, and student body and is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and persons of color are especially encouraged to apply.

If the response from the advertisement does not produce a satisfactory pool of applications from persons of color and women, the Dean will ask that you consult with the FAAC and the Dean about possible ways to extend the search beyond the first applicant pool, or other alternatives.

Campus Visits

After the departmental search committee decides to invite three or more candidates to campus, contact the Dean’s office to schedule appointments with the Deans before extending invitations to the applicants. Members of the FAAC are also available to meet with you and/or your candidates. Finally, students involved in your search should be informed of prospective interviews and provided with a copy of each candidate’s curriculum vitae (not to include letters of recommendation.)

Forward a copy of the candidate’s file, including curriculum vitae and letters of recommendation to our office a week in advance. Supporting material, (e.g., manuscripts or publications) may be submitted, but need not be copied, and will be returned to the department.

Our office will give each candidate a copy of a Benefit Summary for New Faculty during the interview. It answers most questions about faculty grants, sabbatical leaves, travel allowances, faculty housing, etc. This summary can be found on our office webpage at Fringe Benefits Summary for New Full-time Faculty...

We will also give each candidate a copy of procedures on tenure-track appointments, reappointments, tenure, and promotion (excerpted from Faculty Legislation).


A new accounting unit of xxxx02 will be set up for your department’s search expenses (xxxx being the department number). For this year, we ask you to plan your search with a budget of:

$6,000 for tenure-track searches
$4,500 for three-year positions
$2,500 for two-year positions
$1,500 for one-year visitors

Departments will cover advertising in professional journals, travel to professional meetings for recruitment purposes, travel costs for candidates, Willits-Hallowell overnight charges and meals.

Listed below are some account numbers you may find useful:

87010 0001 Willits-Hallowell room charges
87010 0002 Willits-Hallowell beverages & meals
87090 0001 Blanchard
80600 0001 Advertising
84200 0081 Travel -- air fare
           0082 Travel -- hotel
           0083 Travel -- meals
           0084 Travel -- private auto mileage
           0085 Travel -- other transportation
           0086 Travel – other expenses
84100 0083 Business Meals (non-travel)
84250 0001 Entertainment

The current rate at Willits-Hallowell is $95 (Sunday-Thursday) or $120 (Friday-Saturday) , including breakfast. Check in is after 2:00 p.m. and check out is by 11:00 a.m. If one of your candidates must cancel his or her visit, please inform Willits-Hallowell so you are not billed for an unused room. In addition, department members may be reimbursed from your recruiting budget at the rate of $0.50/mile when driving the candidates back and forth to Bradley Airport (56 miles x .50= $28.00).


Keep a brief record on each application and a summary of each interview so there will be documentary evidence in each case showing reasons for acceptance or rejection. These files are essential to the College and should be kept for three years and then destroyed.

Finalist Recommendations

After you consult students involved in the search and reach a recommendation at the department level regarding a finalist, and before proceeding any further, please contact the Dean to discuss your recommendation. Once we agree, we will discuss the terms of the offer, including salary. Usually the chair conveys the offer.

The Acceptance

After you have received an acceptance of your offer, the Dean’s office will prepare the contract. Please send us the following materials:

  1. A letter from the department providing a brief account of the search including an explanation of the occasion for the opening, the reasons for the department’s choice of candidates including reasons for not choosing the other interviewed candidates, information on when and where the opening was announced, the student views on the candidates, and the recommended rank.
  2. New Hire Form and copy of Curriculum Vitae
  3. Letters of reference and other supporting documents
  4. Transcript from graduate school(s) showing graduate degree(s) earned. We will request this directly, if it is not available with application materials

Search Report

Once the search is concluded (whether successfully or not), please send a report to the Dean of Faculty.  The search report should include the following:

  1. If not already submitted, a letter from the department providing a brief account of the search including an explanation of the occasion for the opening, the reasons for the department's choice of candidates including reasons for not choosing the other interviewed candidates, information on when and where the opening was announced, the student views on the candidates.
  2. Copy of the advertisement
  3. A log of applicants, or a copy of your online Log of Applicants generated by
  4. List of those that you invited to campus
  5. Offer(s) made

Visiting Faculty

Searches for one-year replacements and other non-tenure-track faculty need not involve consultation with the Faculty Affirmative Action Committee. However, the FAAC chairperson would be happy to provide advice and consultation to departments as requested. Candidates for visiting positions of less then three years need not meet with the Dean. In some cases, especially multi-year appointments,  you may want candidates to meet with an Associate Dean.