1. Use or possession of alcoholic beverages by any persons under the age of twenty-one is prohibited by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the College. (See page 152 of the Appendix or see Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 138, Section 6, 34A, available at the Mount Holyoke College Library.)
  2. Sale of alcohol to persons under the age of twenty-one is prohibited. (See page 152 of Appendix or Massachusetts General Laws.)
  3. Deliveries of alcoholic beverages to individuals or groups are prohibited on the Mount Holyoke College campus, except those which have been arranged through the Department of Dining Services/Willits-Hallowell Center for social events that have been registered through the Office of Student Programs.
  4. The presence, possession, or use of kegs by individuals or groups other than at a registered, approved event is prohibited on the College campus.
  5. Persons twenty-one years old and over may use alcohol in the privacy of their rooms providing all guidelines governing guests, noise, and appropriate behavior are followed. Individuals should be informed that distributing to persons under twenty-one is prohibited by laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the College. It is a criminal offense, punishable by up to a year in jail and $2,000 fine, for any person to furnish any alcoholic beverage to a person less than 21 years, parents or grandparents of the person excepted.
  6. Consumption of alcohol in unapproved areas (e.g., residence hall corridors, stairways, elevators, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, laundry rooms, etc.) can result in disciplinary action. The possession of open containers of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in public/common areas or on the grounds of the College, except at registered events or licensed facilities.
  7. The Office of Student Programs must be contacted to approve and register student-sponsored events in campus buildings or at outdoor locations on campus. Procedures outlined in the Campus Activities Handbook and host liability guidelines must be followed. (These guidelines can be obtained through the Office of Student Programs.) Alcohol may be ordered and served only by dining services/Willits-Hallowell staff.
  8. For small private events held in the residence halls that involve the serving of alcohol, the Hall Committee must be notified and host liability guidelines must be followed.
  9. Nonalcoholic beverages and food must be made available free of charge at any event where alcohol is served. Additional food may be sold at a reasonable rate.
  10. Students and guests entering events where alcoholic beverages are served must show proper identification upon request. A Massachusetts driver's license or two proof-of-age photo-ID cards must be shown to be served alcoholic beverages. Any forms of identification that appear to have been tampered with will not be accepted. Altering any form of identification is a felony. Massachusetts state law prohibits those under twenty-one years of age and those having had too much to drink from being served alcohol.
  11. Sponsors of events serving alcohol bear responsibility to ensure that no one is coerced, however subtly, to drink excessively.
  12. If a person appears to have had too much to drink prior to entering an event, she or he should not be allowed entrance. Public safety officers will assist in removing unwanted guests.
  13. Alcohol may be served for no more than four hours at any student sponsored event on campus. During late-night events, alcohol service will stop one hour and fifteen minutes prior to the ending time of the event so that the last hour of the event will be alcohol free. (For more information, see the Campus Activities Handbook at the Office of Student Programs online.

Sponsoring social events and parties that encourage drinking as themes and advertising such events through words and/or images depicting drinking or drunkenness are prohibited. An event may be cancelled if sponsors do not adhere to this guideline

The record of each offense remains on file until a student graduates or permanently withdraws/leaves the College. Violation of the Alcohol Policy or Policy Regarding Illegal Drug Use will be counted as a second offense when a first offense of either policy is already on record. Non-compliance with alcohol or drug sanctions will result in a student receiving the next level of sanctions for the original offense. The College will not protect those who violate state and federal laws. Public Safety officers always have the option of arrest. In accordance with federal law, a conviction of an alcohol offense in any criminal preceding will make a student ineligible for financial aid for a period of at least a year. Parental notification will only occur under life-threatening conditions.