H. Elizabeth Braun Catalyst for Change

During her tenure as Dean of Students at Mount Holyoke College (2003-2010) Liz Braun committed abundant energies to challenging racism and oppression. She has inspired many to do the same. Her work reflects her deep commitment to nourishing a community of teaching and learning and her dedication to building a more just and equitable college and world.

Established in 2010 by the offices of Dean of Students, Residential Life and Student Involvement, The Catalyst for Change Award recognizes a student each year who has done extraordinary work in the service of creating a diverse and inclusive community.


  • Enduring commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive MHC community
  • In sustained service to the community at/within MHC
  • Deep commitment to continued reflection and learning
  • Inspires others to work for social justice challenging racism and other oppression
  • Junior or Senior