Council Membership Application

The Honor Code Council (HCC) is a student conduct board responsible for engaging the community in the ideology of the Honor Code. Its members have the charge of building awareness to the honor code and adjudicating violations. The Honor Code Council is composed of at least seven student members; one member serves as the chair and non-voting member.

Time Commitment

  • Honor Code Council members serve a minimum of three academic semesters. 
  • Honor Code Council members attend a standing weekly meeting.
  • Honor Code Council members must maintain flexibility in their schedule to participate in the hearing of honor code cases. Hearings occur in the evenings and possible on weekends.


  • Candidates must be in good academic and social standing with the College.
  • To apply for a seat on the Council, complete the web application.

Currently, the Honor Code Council is complete.  We will open a new search process in Spring 2018.  Please visit this page again for updates.

For information about the Honor Code Council, please email the council at Honor Code Council.