Standards of Social Conduct

Students are expected to obey all federal and state laws, as well as to comply with local ordinances and College standards of conduct found in various statements of institutional policy, including those relating to residential life and public safety. These include, but are not limited to, regulations pertaining to property, community safety (including verbal and physical harassment), misrepresentation, and illegal substance use. Students take responsibility for conducting themselves in a manner which fosters respect and trust within the College community. These standards of conduct are understood as the efforts of good-willed people seeking to strengthen their community.

If a student, staff, or faculty member experiences conflict with another member of the College community, or if there is reason to believe that the honor code has been violated, there are a number of strategies for addressing the situation. Whenever possible, the student should speak directly with the person(s) with whom she is experiencing the conflict. In those situations where this approach has been unsuccessful, or appears inappropriate because of safety concerns, students should seek the assistance of others including but not limited to the:

Please note that concerns related to alleged violations of academic responsibility should be referred to the Dean of the College.