Alcohol Beverage Service for Student Events

General Information

Dining Services & Willits-Hallowell provide services for functions that are sponsored by college organizations and residence halls. Dining Services, along with the Willits-Hallowell Center, are the only authorized dispensers of alcoholic beverages on campus. (The License from the Town of South Hadley allows the sale of beer & wine only.)

All student events require a sponsor(s) or social chairperson(s). Prior to placing an Alcohol Beverage Service Request, the sponsor or social chairperson will need to contact Student Involvement to fill out all the necessary paperwork. After that is completed, the social chairperson of an organization or residence hall must discuss their plans with the Event Services (ext. 2153) at least 13 business days prior to the event. At this time you will be advised of all policies and procedures and sign off on the Dining Services Agreement of Responsibility. This will also be the opportunity to discuss any special instructions or requests you may have.

We will need the name and phone number of the person (s) responsible for overseeing the function. They will be the main contact for the Bartenders if any problems should arise. It is up to the social chairperson to help with the enforcement of all policies and procedures.

Policies and Procedures for Alcohol Service

Dining Services and Willits-Hallowell are the sole distributors of alcoholic beverages on the Mount Holyoke College campus. Only TIPS trained bartenders hired by the College may serve alcohol at campus functions.

Blanchard Café has designated locations for Beverage Service. Please note that we do not provide beer and wine service in the residence halls.

  • Blanchard Campus Center –Great Room
  • Blanchard Campus Center –Patio (subject to Student Involvement approval)
    o Due to the nature of the town's open container laws and campus restrictions, the sponsoring organization is required to hire a minimum of (4) four Public Safety and Service officers to secure and police the patio area.
    o The patio area will act as a "Beer Garden" - defined by keeping all alcohol consumption within the designated patio area.
    o Campus curfew states that all outside activities must end by 11:00pm.
    o Reservation of this space is subject to approval.
  • Chapin Auditorium
    NOTE: The College must obtain a "Day Beer & Wine" license to serve alcohol. There is a strict two (2) week deadline prior to the event (no exceptions) and may take up to 13 business days for approval. The cost is $45.00.

TIPS trained bartenders will be provided for all events where alcoholic beverages are served. Approximately 45 minutes prior to the start of the social event, the Chairperson should plan to greet the bartending staff. At this time, our staff will:

  • Police the area and check for unauthorized alcoholic beverages.
  • Stop the beverage service set up if it appears as though students have already had too much to drink or refuse to eliminate unauthorized alcoholic beverages.

The bartenders have the right and legal responsibility to:

  • Discontinue alcohol service to any person who has had too much to drink.
  • ID those who wish to purchase alcoholic beverages. (A Massachusetts’s driver’s license or two picture ID’s must be shown.)
    o Acceptance of duplicate licenses will be up to the bartender.
    o Any form of ID that appears to have been tampered with will not be accepted.
    o Those with positive proof of ID will be wrist banded.
    o Only persons who are wearing wristbands will be served alcohol.
  • Shut down beverage service at any time during the event if they feel there is a liability to themselves, the students or the College.
  • Serve no one under the age of 21 years of age. It is against the law to purchase alcohol and knowingly give it to a minor.

All Alcohol must stay on the premises. No unfinished beer, wine or alcoholic beverages may leave the building.

Alcohol Service at Conclusion of Event

  • One (1) hour prior to the end of the event, alcohol will stop being sold.
  • Fifteen (15) minutes prior to the end of the event, all alcohol will be confiscated.
  • No alcohol may be present after the event concludes. Music may continue to play and Public Safety and Service will remain.
  • All Alcohol must stay on the premises. No unfinished beer, wine or alcoholic beverages may leave the building.
  • All functions must end by the designated time and the premises cleared. The student clean up committee and bartending staff will then commence the clean up.