Board Plan Dining Options

All full-time residential students are required to be on the unlimited meal plan, which includes $30 Dining Dollars and three guest passes. The unlimited meal plan allows you to access the Dining Commons as much as you want throughout the day.   

All other students have the option of purchasing individual meals at the door using MHCXpress, Cash or Credit. Commuter students may also purchase a block of meals that will be added to their OneCard.

  • The Dining Commons is open from 7:15 am–midnight, Monday through Friday, and 8:30 am–midnight on Saturday and Sunday. Its nine stations — Breakfast All Day, Comforts, Global Foods, Grill, Halal, Kosher, Salad Bar, Sushi and Wok  — promote health, wellness and sustainability by focusing on international cuisine, vegan options and avoiding food with allergens. The wide variety of menu options includes food being cooked to order and made from scratch, as well as locally-sourced produce and protein.  

  • The Grab ’n Go Dining Center in the allows you to swipe your ID once during the meal period and choose from a variety of menu items up to a designated total number of items. 

All students have the option to open a MHCXpress account, which is a pre-paid debit account.  Money deposited into this account can be used to purchase guest meals, some items in the Atrium Café, items at participating Village Commons vendors, and items in campus vending machines, including beverages, snacks, laundry and photocopying. For more information about these accounts and other features of the OneCard, please contact Auxiliary Services at extension 3111.

Once Dining Dollar funds are depleted, students can use the MHCXpress option for these needs. Dining Dollars that have not been used do not carry over from semester to semester.