Board Plan Dining Options

All full-time residential students are required to be on the 25 meal plan, which includes $30 MHC Dollars & 3 guest passes per semester. The 25 meal plan allows you access the Dining Commons 25 times a week which resets each Sunday. All students also have the option to takeout with our USEFULL reusable container program at no cost to the students unless the containers are not returned. In addition to the 25 meal plan, all full time residential students get one meal swipe at the Kendade Grab N Go per weekday. MHC Dollars can also be used towards laundry.

Commuter students may also purchase a block of meals that will be added to their OneCard.

All students have the option to open a MHCXpress account, which is a prepaid debit account. Money deposited into this account can be used to purchase items at participating Village Commons vendors, and items in campus vending machines, including beverages, snacks, laundry and photocopying. For more information about these accounts and other features of the OneCard, please contact Enterprise Services at extension 2700.

Once MHC Dollars funds are depleted, students can use the MHCXpress option for these needs. MHC Dollars, Meal Plans and guest passes that have not been used do not carry over from semester to semester.

Meal plan options can be found on our OneCard website.