Pre and Post Consumer Waste Composting

During the spring semester of 2005, Dining Services started a composting program of pre- and post-consumer waste in all full and limited full service centers.  Since the napkins that we use are a 100% bleach free recycled napkin and are 100% post consumer, these can also be disposed of with our post-consumer waste.   For Dining Services staff, there are bins "behind the scenes" in our kitchens to compost pre-consumer food prep waste, including items such as potato peels, lettuce trimmings, and the like.  For students and our guests, there are two bins for food waste disposal at all of our dishroom windows:

  • A clear bin labeled COMPOST for students to empty their food waste into before returning their dishes.
  • A clear bin labeled LIQUIDS for excess liquids.

The compost is picked up at these location three times a week and brought to a farm in Belchertown, Massachusetts.

Outdoor Events Composting

Dining Services is committed to providing students with healthy and nutritious food in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment.  To that effect, all food service wares used for our outdoor events (i.e. plates, cups, bowls, and utensils) are compostable. Food service wares are made from special biodegradable plant-based plastic. These items are either all made from this special plastic or are “waxed” paper products that are coated with this special plastic, as opposed to the traditional “waxed” paper products which are actually coated with a think layer of non-compostable petroleum-based plastic.