Dining Centers

Photo of a booth and serving station in the dining commons

The Dining Commons

Located within the Community Center, the Dining Commons features five stations — Grill, Baraka, L'Chaim, Harvest and Wok — that promote health, wellness and sustainability by focusing on international cuisine, vegan options and avoiding food with allergens. The wide variety of menu options includes food being cooked to order and made from scratch, as well as locally-sourced produce and protein.

See the main Dining Services page for the Dining Commons hours of operation.

Prices at the door for those not using a meal swipe:

  • Breakfast: $9
  • Brunch/Lunch: $12
  • Dinner: $14
  • Late night: $10
Photo of the inside of the dining commons brick oven and serving counter
Photo of a Mount Holyoke College chef working in the kitchen
Photo of the inside of the dining commons table seating, serving counter and windows


The Cochary Pub & Kitchen

Photo of a student with a meal at the Cochary Pub

Located within the Community Center, the Cochary Pub & Kitchen offers a variety of locally sourced pub-style dishes and beverages as well as fresh baked desserts and pastries from our campus bakery.

Hours of operation: Closed Fall 2020 until further notice.


A few of the locally sourced options at the Pub include:

  • Beef from Austin Brothers Valley Farm, located 13 miles from campus.
  • Potatoes from Szawlowski Potato Farms, located 15 miles from campus.
  • Homemade dishes created with an emphasis on locally grown and seasonal ingredients.
  • Wine from Black Birch Vineyard, located 17 miles from campus.
  • Beer from Stoneman Brewery, located 43 miles from campus.
  • Beer from four other New England-based breweries that utilize locally grown ingredients.

The Cochary Pub & Kitchen also serves Teatulia Organic Teas and Pierce Bros coffee, both of which are certified organic and fair trade. We have an array of breakfast pastries and desserts, including Mount Holyoke’s famous Chef Jeff cookies.

All of the food served in the Cochary Pub & Kitchen is homemade. By using as many locally and responsibly sourced ingredients as we can, we are making a commitment to create wholesome, healthy products that benefit the grower, the consumer and the environment alike.

Most of the beer and wine served in the Cochary Pub & Kitchen is produced here in Massachusetts, utilizing many locally grown ingredients. These businesses also take many steps towards increasing the sustainability of their operations through recycling, composting and using renewable energy. Two of the breweries, Wash Ashore from Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, and Portland, Maine’s Peak Organic, are certified organic.

Dining Services is proud to support these businesses, which have made conscious efforts to create products that are not only delicious but are also good for the environment, good for local communities and good for the regional economy.

The Cochary Pub & Kitchen accepts Dining Dollars, cash, credit, and the OneCard if there’s funds in your MHCXpress account. Whether you stop in for a small bite, pick-me-up coffee, or a beer or glass of wine with friends, rest assured that you are consuming a responsibly made product with an emphasis on local sourcing.

Grab ’n Go

Photo of the Grab 'n Go

Hours of operation:  Closed Fall 2020 until further notice.

When you step into the Grab ’n Go, you will find an array of locally and responsibly sourced products, including:

  • Yogurt from Sidehill Farm, located 38 miles from campus.
  • Honey from Warm Colors Apiary, located 22 miles from campus.
  • Ice cream from Maple Valley Creamery, located 9 miles from campus.
  • Applesauce (made exclusively with New England grown apples) from Fatboy Foods, located 109 miles from campus.
  • Mushrooms from Giorgio Fresh in Pennsylvania.
  • Kelp from Maine’s Ocean Approved, farmed in the Gulf of Maine.
  • Queen’s Greens, in Amherst, Mass.
  • Maple syrup from Shattuck’s Sugarhouse in Belchertown, Mass.
  • Dairy from McRay’s Farm just down the street in South Hadley.

Grab ’n Go accepts one meal swipe per day for meal plans, Dining Dollars, cash, credit, and the OneCard if there’s funds in your MHCXpress account.

Also available is a large line of certified organic products; homemade sandwiches, salads and soups; and a variety of gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options, as well as a large make-your-own yogurt parfait bar.