Guests and Five-College Dining

Entertaining Guests at Meals**

**Only Mount Holyoke students and employees may enter the Dining Commons until further notice. No outside guests will be admitted.

Students may bring guests to any meal. Students can pay for their guest’s meal with cash, charge, MHC Dollars, or their MHCXpress (debit). To charge a meal, you must present your ID to the checker at the entrance to the Dining Commons who will then fill out a charge slip.

Faculty and staff are welcome to dine in the Dining Commons using cash, charge or their MHCXpress (debit). 

Guest Meal Rates

  • Breakfast: $9
  • Brunch/Lunch: $12.50
  • Dinner: $14.50
  • Late night: $10

Five-College Meal Exchange**

In support of Five College academic opportunities, a dining meal exchange is available for students enrolled in a meal plan at any one of the five colleges.  A request for participating in the meal exchange will be granted for academic reasons only. Other meal exchange requests, for which there is a compelling reason, will be reviewed on an individual basis.

To request permission to participate in the meal exchange, a student must follow the guidelines provided by the Dining Services office on the home campus where the student has enrolled in a meal plan. With the application, the student must provide documentation of enrollment in a course at the other campus where the student is seeking permission to eat under the meal exchange program.  To utilize the meal exchange or obtain further information, contact the Dining Services office on your home campus.  The links below connect to details and contact information for meal exchange at the campuses.

By participating in the 5-college meal exchange benefit, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.  Any deviations from these will be reported to your home University.

  1. Exchanged meals are for you only (no guest swipes are permitted).
  2. Meals are to be used either before or after the class that was requested from your University.
  3. Schedule changes that affect your meal time need to be revised and requested from your University.

Amherst College

(413) 542-2221
Dining Services Office, Valentine Hall

Hampshire College

(413) 559-5777
Franny Krushinsky

Mount Holyoke College

(413) 538-2600
Technology Help Desk, Info Commons, Level 4 of Williston Library

Smith College

(413) 585-3082
OneCard Office, Stoddard Hall - 24C

University of Massachusetts

(413) 545-1362
Meal Plan Office, Worcester Dining Commons-3rd Floor

All Mount Holyoke College students desiring a meal exchange must:

  • Submit a request using the 5 College Meal Plan Request Form (requires MHC credentials)
    • The form requires students to provide the name and number of their qualifying off campus course, a screenshot of their schedule to confirm course registration (UMass courses must be confirmed with a screenshot from their Spire schedule), and the meals they’re requesting to eat of campus.
  • After hearing from the MHC OneCard office that their request has been approved, report to the Dining Services Office of the host college assignment to obtain their meal pass

ALL NON-Mount Holyoke College students desiring a meal exchange will be given meal access for lunch and dinner at the Dining Commons ONLY.