Halal Dining Options

In addition to our regular menu options, Abbey-Buckland Dining Hall offers Halal meat entrees for the lunch and dinner meal on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Halal meat is also offered at the weekly Jumma Lunches held in Eliot House and will continue to be served for the foreseeable future.

When Wilder Dining Hall was renovated in 2001, it was to make it a kosher/halal kitchen. At the time, there was an agreement between the Muslim and Jewish constituencies that since Muslims consider Jews “al kitab” or “companions of the book”, that our Muslim students would eat kosher meat. That accommodation, an outgrowth of the healthy interfaith dialogue that has become woven into the life of the campus, is what made the kosher/halal kitchen possible at that time. Now, with the increasing numbers of Muslim students attending Mount Holyoke College and greater availability of halal meat, we are pleased to be able to offer this option as well.

Wilder's menus incorporate a large cross-section of Middle Eastern and south Asian cultural dishes and include up to five (5) entrees each day plus all of the accompaniments. This dining facility, including the dining room, servery and kitchen are maintained in accordance with both Jewish and Muslim dietary laws.

The daily menus are very similar to the other dining facilities on campus with a few exceptions that are noted below:

  • The menus cannot contain pork, pork products, certain kinds of fish, or shellfish of any kind. 
  • No alcohol or alcohol derivatives can be used in the food. 

Wilder is available to all students as a dining option either through their board plan or by paying the guest meal rate at the door with cash, student charge, Dining Dollar$ or their MHCXpress Account.